Name: Promod
Spiel: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Autor: raf1
Nexus Mod:
Download: soon


Der Promod ist eine Competition-Modifikation die spezielle Features für Call of Duty 4 Ligen enthält. In diesem Mod sind viele der in Pam vorhanden Bugs nicht enthalten.
Call of Duty 4 Promod : Version 2

Promod is a competitive mod built to replace the aging and undeveloped PAM 4. It has been developed around the needs of both the LAN and invite communities.

It is currently scheduled to be used in most of the major summer tournaments.

1. List of features
2. Guide for Players
3. Guide for Server Admins
4. Guide for Shoutcasters
5. Guide for Leagues
6. Credits

List of features (compared to PAM 4.01)

Sounds and music
- All maps have ambient noise removed
- Leader dialog has been removed from the game
- Music has been removed from the game
- A neutral commentator has been added

Gameplay and Balancing
- The SMG class has been reduced in power
- The snipers hitboxes will now tag less
- The AWP fix has been implemented
- The nosway fix has been implemented
- Registration has been optimised for all classes
- Flash bangs now are more direction dependan
- The bomb can now be dropped in SD
- Knife automelee and lunge has been removed
- The shotgun grip was removed

Menu Optimisation
- The new promod controls have been distributed throughout the control, options and quick commands menus
- Weapons can now be fast selected, using the keyboard
- The Desert Eagle is now the default pistol for all classes
- The AK74u is now the default SMG
- The AK47 is now the default Assault Rifle
- Non-used features have been removed from the weapons menu
- You no longer have to flick into spectate to unlock classes

Visuals and FPS
- Guns now have camouflage available
- The field of view can now be increased to 90
- Camouflage can be removed using the new menus
- All maps have ambient particles and smoke removed
- Fog has been further reduced throughout the game
- The games desaturation has been removed, resulting in more colour
- Walls now contain less detail, improving fps and visibility
- The game no longer greyscreens inbetween rounds
- Player bob has been removed when sprinting, e.g

- A new map overhead view is available
- (Action replays may be available)
- Scores are now given while shoutcasting
- Points awarded for events have been made more appropriate

Bug Fixes and Anti Cheating
- Timeouts will no longer break the defuse mechanism
- You can no longer view the whole map when connecting late
- The chances of IWD mismatch have been reduced
- The compass cheat is now always detected
- You can no longer free spectate without joining a team or going into shoutcast mode
- The server will now warn of ‘devmap’
- The ready up status indicator now correctly shows half time, overtime

Additional Improvements
- You can now kill during the ready up period
- You now receive accuracy data on request or at the end of the game
- The MR system will now accept any number
- Grenades are now unlimited during devmap

2. Player Guide

Bomb drop:
To drop the bomb, you can bind the key from controls->multiplayer options or use the quickcommands->promod menu directly if you prefer it unbinded.

Calling a timeout:
To call a timeout, press quickcommands then promod, and press Timeout from here. The timeout will occur next round and will last a maximum of 5 minutes

To suicide, you can bind the key from controls->multiplayer options or use the quickcommands->promod menu directly if you prefer it unbinded.

Receiving accuracy stats:
You receive the accuracy stats at the end of the game, if you prefer however, use the quickcommands->promod menu.

Field of view:
To get a relative field of view of 80 (normal) type /cg_fov 71.1

Quick selecting weapons:
Here are some examples, with X bound as the weapon select button from the controls->multiplayer options menu.

X16 : AK47, Smoke
X1416 : AK47, Flash
X26 : AK74u, Smoke
X2416 : AK74u, Flash

How to not see camouflage:
Options->Multiplayer Options->
or r_detail 0

How to killspec:
Join the game, select a team, do not pick a weapon. Instead simply press escape. You will not spawn for the remainder of the game unless you pick a weapon. Remember to ready up during half time

Sensitivity Fix:
Divide your sens by 1.125 if it feels too fast

3. Admin Guide

Installing the mod:
Unzip the contents of this zip file to your servers mod directory. I advise you do not use the PAM directory, but create a new folder for promod (ie promod_final), and set your servers fs_game to boot from this, via your control panel. If you have problems doing this, email your provider.

Make sure any IWD files except the ones in this zip file are deleted. Promod may refuse to run with any non-authorised IWD

Ensuring the IWD sum/mismatch is avoided:
Make sure promod is in its own folder, ideally something unique (e.g mods\promod_12june2008). Do not rename the mod.ff files.
I recommend you rename promod_final****.iwd to something random. E.g promod_final_2378798.iwd

Changing mode:
rcon promod_mode public_mr10
rcon promod_mode lan_mr13
rcon promod_mode online_mr16

Please use online for any match server. The lan modes are specifically designed for registration during LAN events only. Online mode will give better reg during online play.

For an overtime (e.g mr3), you can simply use rcon promod_mode online_mr3 or rcon promod_mode lan_mr3

For public tdm/dm servers, use rcon promod_mode comp_public.

4. Shoutcast Guide

The overhead map:
When using the overhead map, I suggest you pick a player to spectate first, this will give you his view of the map, including objectives and bomb sites. The overhead map during freespec is purely just the map image

5. League Guide

The ruleset:
- 6 second strat time
- 3 SMG limit - with the promod smg fix
- 1 sniper - with awp fix
- No-sway fix
- 45 second bomb fuse
- 1:45 minute round length
- 5 second plant time
- 7 second defuse time
- Codqcup fall damage
- LMG Disabled
- Red-dot sight disabled
- Bandolier/stopping power fixed perks

PAM Compatibility:

Promod is currently not compatible with PAM. My suggestion to leagues is to currently allow either PAM or Promod for those rulesets which would allow either.

I will contact all league admins shortly regarding the future of promod

Punkbuster Streaming:

The following dvars must not be locked:
g_compassShowEnemies (needed for shoutcasting)

If anyone has problems with them, use /rcon pb_sv_cvarempty as a temporary measure till your league fixes it

6. Credits

Manager : morg
Coding and Development : raf1
Competition outreach : kleineman

Also thanks to:
Hardware support : Multiplay
Hardware support : Lo3servers
Numerous testers and those giving feedback


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