Tactical Realism Mod
Name: Tactical Realism Mod
Spiel: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Autor: Spacepig
Website: www.tacticalrealismmod.com/
Nexus Mod:
Download: soon


Die TRM Mod ist eine modifizierte Version von Wolfbanes Realismus Mod für CoD, CoD:UO und CoD 2.
Diese Erweiterung soll nun auch Call of Duty 4 mehr taktische Tiefe und Realität verleihen.

  • Music, hardpoints etc can be set to on or off on the fly
  • Bunnyjumping or worming can be set to cause a shift of aim
  • Hits make player change aim
  • Arm/hand hits make player drop weapon
  • Leg hits force player to prone
  • Grenades and explosives have timers and will not be assigned until x seconds from spawn
  • All weapons are droppable
  • Keymagic for unjam, bandage, discard weapon, toggle fps etc
  • Gunjams
  • Bleeding and bandaging, no health regen
  • All hud objects can be turned on or off
  • sprint time and pause can be changed
  • plant sounds on/off
  • admin functions, set player on fire, explode, kill, shoot like rocket, rename, changeteam
  • clan vs mode, only players with a certain tag can join a certain team (up to 5 different tags can be set)
  • spawn protection
  • spawn fall safe time, player dont take damage from falling within x seconds from spawn
  • gametypes ctf, sd, sab, htf, ch, ctfb, war, dm, koth, hq
  • scoreboard, in roundbased games scores will be updated after each round and end of game instead of immediately
  • bombsites can be set to always A or always B or Both or Random in SD
  • anti antilag
  • bloody screen if close to enemykill
  • claymore lasers on/off
  • claymores friendly/unfriendly (hurt own team or not)
  • names can be on/off
  • ingame voice can be set to show no matter if hardcore or not
  • tk can be shown or hidden
  • orbituaries are modified, tells the player who, from where with what weapon
  • practice mode
  • crosshairs, hiticons on/off
  • ranking on/off
  • modified fall damage
  • modified afk monitor
  • modified tk and punishment monitor
  • server messages


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