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Community Announcements Gem and Flower Snow Flurry Event 12/20 – 1/10 The gems and flowers youÔÇÖve been eyeing are out there somewhere! LetÔÇÖs help you find them in the holiday Gem and Flower Snow Flurry event! Gem and Flower Snow Flurry From Wednes... 20.12.17 23:47
Community Announcements Thanksgiving Gem Harvest!, that's no turkey! It's Thanksgiving weekend - we want to share the bounty of the harvest season with you all! Harvest basketloads of glorious G4 gems this holiday weekend -... 22.11.17 18:50
Community Announcements Speed it ALL up! 11/17 - 11/22 Let's go FASTER! Ain't nobody got time for the grind, right? RIGHT! This weekend, level up faster, earn more coins and challenge all the mobs to stop you! We've sped up xp gains... 16.11.17 23:52
Community Announcements Enigma Boost & Key Login Bonus Nov. 10 - 14 This weekend, enjoy free enigma keys and win big on enigma box jackpots in Devilian. FREE Enigma Keys Log in to Devilian this weekend from 17:00 UTC / 9:00 AM PST on Friday, November 10, 2017 to 17:00 UTC /... 09.11.17 18:40
Community Announcements Ghoulicornicious Halloween! That's right, we have declared that Ghoulicornicious is now a word... in Devilian, at least! Halloween is our favorite time of year, and we'll bet it's yours, too! This is the time when leaves b... 26.10.17 19:54


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