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Rock, Paper, Shotgun Dota 2's latest ranked season is dropping decade-long bans Dota 2‘s stuck around for a good while now. We’re only a few years off from a decade of Valve’s fantasy murder brawl, with no signs of slowing down. But will Dota 2 be relevant in 10 years? 20? Will I still be doting over my MMR when I’m a haggard old crone, fending off water... 1 Tag 14:18
PC Gamer Dota 2 is banning some players until 2038 Dota 2 is getting ready for the next ranked season, kicking off tomorrow, which also means getting rid of some of the game's naughtier players. Valve announced that it would be banning people in various waves, which started yesterday. What it didn't mention was the length of the bans, and ... 18.09.19 18:03
Product Update Dota 2 Update - September 14th, 2019 * Fixed Night Stalker's scepter hitting invisible units and units in FoW * Fixed Heavenly Grace removing some debuffs it shouldn't 14.09.19 17:18
Product Update Dota 2 Update - September 6th, 2019 * Reduced the TI Battle Pass Shovel cooldown from 60 to 20 seconds 07.09.19 02:12
Product Update Dota 2 Update - September 5th, 2019 Over the next few weeks we'll be experimenting with toggling strict solo queue on and off, to see the impact it can have on match quality and matchmaking times. The primary reason we initially added this feature was because there was a much larger discrepancy in motivation between players competing ... 05.09.19 21:43