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Steam News

Community Announcements Soundtrack Digital Deluxe Content Released! Included in the Digital Deluxe Content: - Hi-Res Paintings - Character Art - Promo Cards - Sketches - Detailed Walkthrough for both Campaigns Soundtrack composed and performed by Gustaf Grefberg Vocalist: Gabriella Runsten Goblin voices: Erik Pettersson Additional voices: Kimberly Grefberg, Jens Mat... 21.11.18 19:56
Community Announcements Linux port available now! Dear players, After short and fruitful Beta Test, we are presenting Linux Wine port of the game. Thank You very much to all players who took part in Beta! All reported bugs was fixed, but if You still have problem with Linux port, please, report it on discussion forum. Alt+Tab might produce undesire... 21.10.16 13:29
Community Announcements Mac version update Dear players, We have updated Mac version of the game. If You had issues running game on Mac before, try it now! Feel free to leave comments, questions, bug reports on discussion forum. Thank You and have a good play! 13.10.16 12:22
Community Announcements Weekly DIscount 75% for Linux Beta from 10-10-16 we support the Linux Beta Test with a weekly discount. Of course all platforms are discounted. 10.10.16 13:49
Community Announcements Public Linux Beta Test Dear players, We are starting public Beta test of Linux Enclave port. Everybody who have a copy of the game, can take part in it. How To Do 1)Right Mouse Buttom (RMB) on Enclave in your game library. 2)At the bottom - Properties. 3)At the top of the new window - BETAS 4)Enter this code - "enclavelin... 06.10.16 14:33