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PC Gamer THQ Nordic keeps on growing It was a big week for THQ Nordic, which is quietly continuing the process of building itself into something of a mid-tier gaming colossus. The past few days have seen it pick up Wreckfest studio Bugbear Entertainment, and Coffee Stain, the maker of Sanctum, Satisfactory, and, yes, Goat Simulator. It... 16.11.18 19:28
PC Gamer Goat Simulator studio reveals a mysterious new project called Satisfactory Goat Simulator is an unusual game, not just because it's really bad but because the Steam description warns that it's really bad and actually suggests that people should spend their money on something else, like a hula hoop or a pile of bricks. But now Coffee Stain Studios has a mysterious... 12.03.18 22:44
PC Gamer Get $137 worth of games for cheap in the Humble Best of 2017 Bundle The Humble Best of 2017 Bundle is—you guessed it—a collection of games from 2017's best bundles. It runs through Tuesday, February 20, and altogether Humble reckons it's $137 worth of games, with the highest tier going for $10. Here's everything you get at each level:&... 08.02.18 23:47
Announcement Weird Wonderful Bundle, Now Available The Weird and Wonderful Bundle is now available, offering big discounts on strange and silly games. Bundle Includes: Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition Goat Simulator Human: Fall Flat Speedrunners Viscera Cleanup Detail 31.03.17 19:08
Announcement Free Weekend - Goat Simulator Play Goat Simulator for free, from now until Sunday at 1pm Pacific Time! Additionally, save 75% on Goat Simulator as part of this week's Weekend Deal*! Goat Simulator is the latest in goat simulation technology, bringing next-gen goat simulation to YOU. You no longer have to fantasize about being a ... 11.08.16 19:00
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