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  • Plattform: PC
  • Release: 06.03.2014
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Über das Spiel

While seeking life on a distant planet, an astronaut discovers an abandoned Russian town. He suspects his mission is a hoax until a mysterious young woman saves him from a strange and deadly phenomenon... Lifeless Planet is a third-person action-adventure that features an old-school sci-fi story and spectacular environments in the spirit of classic action-adventures.

After a hard landing on the planet, the astronaut discovers the planet that was reported to be rich with life is instead a barren wasteland. When he goes searching for his crew, he makes a more startling discovery: evidence that humans have already been to this planet years ago! When he comes upon a deserted Soviet-era Russian town, he struggles to make sense of his mission. Did his light-speed travel to the planet send him back in time? Or is this all some strange Cold War hoax?

Along the way, the astronaut meets a Russian woman, Aelita, who is somehow able to survive the hostile atmosphere of the planet. Through an unusual natural phenomenon, the her skin causes the soil to glow green under her feet. The player must use these glowing tracks as a guide across the planet past treacherous and deadly threats. Is she leading him to safety... or an untimely death?

Lifeless Planet was inspired by Cold War era science fiction stories, posing questions about humankind's desire for space travel. What if you journeyed across the galaxy to another planet, only to find humans had already been there? What kind of person would sign up for a one-way mission, leaving behind planet Earth and everyone they've ever known and love... to go in search of an Earth-like planet?

Equipped with a limited-use jet-pack and a mobile robotic arm, the player must use wits and skill to solve puzzles, unravel the mystery, and survive the Lifeless Planet!

Key Features:
  • Explore 20 unique and atmospheric environments on a vast and treacherous planet.
  • Follow a mysterious young woman as she guides you past dangerous terrain and deadly life-forms.
  • Investigate the startling discovery of an abandoned Russian town.
  • Experience an exciting and intriguing story through rich graphics and cinematic cut-scenes.


  • CPU: Core 2 Duo or AMD equivalent
  • GFX: NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 or ATI equivalent
  • RAM: 1500 MB RAM
  • Software: Windows XP
  • HD: 350 MB available space
  • SFX: DX9.0c compatible
  • DX: Version 9.0c
  • LANG: English
  • CPU: Intel Core i3 or faster
  • GFX: NVIDIA Geforce GT 640 or faster
  • RAM: 3000 MB RAM
  • Software: Windows 7
  • HD: 350 MB available space
  • SFX: DX9.0c compatible
  • DX: Version 10
  • LANG: English

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Verfasst: 10.11.19 01:17
Let's face it: not every triple-A game is bad, and not every indie game is good (although some people like to see it that way). I will not go easy on a game, just because it's an indie game, or because it was kickstarted. Lifeless Planet was kickstarted and is an indie game - and it costs $20 on Steam.

But let's start at the beginning. When I first started playing this game, I found it to be fairly interesting. Having crashed on a foreign planet, trying to survive and solving a mystery that you soon stumble upon - that sounds cool! The thing here is that the content consists of walking and jumping around for a good 90+ per cent of the time you play this. Not a bad thing on its own. The problem with Lifeless Planet is: it becomes boring very quickly. After the first 90-120 minutes, I had to force myself to continue playing and that is never a good thing to say about a game. Even after you receive the robotic arm tool, it is used only a few times that you can't speak of a new 'game mechanic' once it's introduced. Compare that to something like Q.U.B.E. (which is also a small indie game): in that game, every time a new mechanic is introduced, it is used frequently afterwards and embetted into the previous mechanics in a nice and logical way. In Lifeless Planet, you get the tool, but don't really use it all that much. Again, that is boring as all freaking toilet.

Oh my god does this game have some stupid achievements! Die doing this. Die doing that. Get killed in every possible way. Stay in one place for 15 f-ing minutes. Complete the game in under 4 hours. Play the game for more than 10 hours. What's fun about all of these? Getting killed - how's that fun? Rushing through your game - why would you want players to do that? Playing for more than 10 hours - why would anyone do that when there's so little interesting to do in this game? Devs, if you don't have any ideas of interesting achievements for your game, don't include achievements in your game. OK? Thank you.

Controls are fine and the graphics look OK enough, it also runs well enough. Given what's on offer here, I think this game would probably run perfectly on an APU system or even an Intel NUC. Requirements a 'moderate'.

Lifeless Planet, for me, is the prime example of a game overstaying its welcome. I mean, this is 5 to 6.5 hours long for a first playthrough. If this was a 2 hour experience like Journey for example, I'd say 'yes, this is good - play this'. But as it stands, it offers too little for both how long it is and how much it costs.

My recommendations for similar games: Q.U.B.E., Q.U.B.E. 2, Journey, Dawn, Master Reboot, Answer Knot


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Release06.03.2014 GenreAction-Adventure Entwickler Stage 2 Studios Publisher KISS Ltd. Engine Unity

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