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Rock, Paper, Shotgun That s no planet: Lifeless Moon lands on Kickstarter Lifeless Moon , the follow-up to exploration game Lifeless Planet, has launched a crowdfunding campaign. Where the first game was set in the far future 15 light years from Earth, Lifeless Moon sees two astronauts stomping around our own moon, exploring a town that resembles one back on Earth. The or... 10.09.17 23:00
Community Announcements Lifeless Moon is live on Kickstater! Will you help create the next adventure? I'm thrilled to announce that our new game Lifeless Moon is now live on Kickstarter. Lifeless Moon will be the next cinematic sci-fi adventure in the Lifeless Planet series. If you like the idea of another epic exploration adventure game with a classic science fiction twist, please consider supporti... 07.09.17 03:29
PC Gamer Lifeless Moon, the follow-up to Lifeless Planet, is now live on Kickstarter I wanted to like Lifeless Planet more than I ultimately did: The mystery of an ill-fated journey to an alien world that shows signs of a previous Soviet colonization effort seemed aimed squarely at my love of pulpy sci-fi, but it ultimately didn't pay off as well as I'd hoped. It came clos... 05.09.17 21:45
Community Announcements Reveal: The Next Game from the Creators of Lifeless Planet The journey to Lifeless Planet began with one small step... This is an exciting day for fans of Lifeless Planet and science fiction. See the announce trailer for our next indie adventure! Creating Lifeless Planet has been an amazing journey. Since the original PC release, we've since brought the gam... 23.03.17 21:12
PC Gamer Watch the teaser for Lifeless Moon, the 'spiritual successor' to Lifeless Planet Lifeless Planet, a game about exploring a distant alien world that's dotted with some oddly familiar features, did not thrill me as much as I hoped I would. But I still very much like the idea of Lifeless Planet: A weird, pulpy story styled after the softcover sci-fi classics of the 1950s. And ... 22.03.17 22:32
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Release06.03.2014 GenreAction-Adventure Entwickler Stage 2 Studios Publisher KISS Ltd. Engine Unity


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