Lunar Flight

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Community Announcements VR Anniversary Edition Beta Branch now available! A build has been uploaded to try! Right Click -> Properties -> Betas -> lfae - Anniversary Edition I haven't done any SteamVR testing with this so I don't want to make any promises that it will work correctly. Oculus owners should be OK. 21.07.19 15:31
Community Announcements VR Build Updated - Bug Fixes - Fixed Mars Map Null Ref - Fixed Incorrect Action Item Purchase Prices - Smoothed Velocity Vector Motion - Fixed Mars drag (lack of) - Corrected LOPTW value for LVL2 on Mars 21.11.16 13:18
Community Announcements HTC Vive Support Now Available! Opt into the new 'vr_beta' to play! Right Click The Game in your library and goto Properties->Betas Tab Select the beta and wait for it to donwnload. Have fun! 19.11.16 15:49
Community Announcements Update on Vive Support I installed the latest Unity 5.4 Beta last night which is now RC1, everything seems to be working OK. I need to re bake all the scenes and then I should be able to make a new build that has native OpenVR included. I had a look at integrating the Lab Renderer but I couldn't get it to work properly an... 20.07.16 02:13
Community Announcements CV1 Beta VR Patch 1 Built with Unity 5.3.5p8 (Fixes Black Screen if HMD Removed from head during play) Fixed Nav Icon getting culled behind terrain Added Bindable ‘Power Toggle’ Input Action OHD Toggle Input will now Open/Close OHD in VR Cockpit Systems Screen Refreshes if Upgrade Levels Change Fixed Incorrect Gyro Lev... 15.07.16 17:13
Lunar Flight


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