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Community Announcements Cyrano Story: Now Available {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35214430/461b3df55e3a8006e9115ed867c3fe740c96078b.jpg LISTEN! Listen to the voices as they whisper! What is your fear? A support ship inbound to a Mars research base, the Cyrano's crew expected a routine operation. Well, as routine a mission to a secret facility built by the shado... 17.04.20 15:22
Community Announcements Moons of Madness now on PC, PS4, and Xbox! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35214430/c4c4877662c5a99605b86f6f495c3168cf1a5857.png Moons of Madness is now out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One! What was a seemingly routine day on a secret Mars base is about to spiral out into a living nightmare… Will you overcome the darkness? Or will you succumb to madness? Get it... 24.03.20 14:16
Community Announcements Weeklong Funcom Steam Sale! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35214430/af7abef3b477d80cba12043b29393ed352fc975d.png Happy Monday, all! We're starting this week off right with a week long sale for all Funcom games! From NOW until next Monday, March 2nd, you have the opportunity to check out our other marvelous games such as the cosmic horror ... 24.02.20 19:21
Community Announcements Vote for Moons of Madness in the Steam Awards Nominations for the Steam Awards have opened up! You can vote for any game sold on Steam and we would love it if you would consider giving Moons of Madness a nomination in the "Outstanding Story-Rich Game" category. Or any other category you think fits. Just click the circle in the box above to add ... 26.11.19 19:00
Community Announcements Moons of Madness Update 1.02 Patch Notes Moons of Madness has been updated to version 1.02. Here's what's changed or fixed: Minor fixes and improvements to collision and geometry Minor fixes and improvements to various visual issues Minor fixes for voice lines triggering incorrectly Fixed taking phantom filth damage when walking through a ... 13.11.19 18:40
Moons of Madness


Release22.10.2019 GenreAdventure Entwickler Rock Pocket Games Publisher Funcom Enginekeine Infos


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