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Community Announcements Answer the Call of the Death Song! Vikings - listen up, the Headmaster has just announced the arrival of the 1.14 UPDATE! Have you been racing to the edge of your seats with excitement in preparation for our latest EXPANSION PACK? Now is the time to rise to the occasion and take your dragon knowledge to new heights as you twist and t... 27.08.15 20:19
Community Announcements Adventure Awaits with the Icestorm Island Expansion Pack! Have you felt the chill of Icestorm Island's arctic winds? School of Dragons first ever expansion pack is finally here and now there's even more adventure ahead when you saddle up with your winged dragon companion. 21.05.15 23:43
Community Announcements CLASH OF THE CLANS TOURNAMENT: DAY #1 Hello all SoD Clans! Welcome to the first day of the 2015 Clash of the Clans Tournament! Today is a very important day since it is Pool Play! This is your Clan’s opportunity to advance to the next round and make it to the TOP 8! Every round is important but it is always good to start out with a BANG... 02.03.15 18:00
Community Announcements New SoD Updates! Hello Vikings! Just wanted to keep you all up to date with the latest and greatest in SoD the last couple weeks! Since the last update, we have welcomed 3 new dragons to school... -Screaming Death - Tide Glider - and the Scuttleclaw! All three dragons have been a great new addition so far and we can... 10.02.15 01:42
Community Announcements 1.10.1 Update: Exclusive Flightmare Bundle, New Quest and SoD's 20th Dragon! Our latest UPDATE includes an exclusive bundle highlighting one of our favorite dragons, the FLIGHTMARE, an all-new quest and the release of our 20th dragon, the FIREWORM QUEEN! After you help Hiccup and the gang restore t... 19.12.14 18:06
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