Shadow Warrior 2

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Rock, Paper, Shotgun The best FPS games on PC The best shooters endure. While other genres warp beyond recognition, there is something solid about the first-person shooter that makes it as dependable as a nice big AK-47. Maybe it s the gung-ho simplicity – look down a barrel and pull the trigger. It’s as fun to fire a double-barre... 01.11.19 23:38
Rock, Paper, Shotgun What graphics card do I need for HDR and what PC games support it? HDR on PC hasn’t improved much in 2019. Despite there being more HDR gaming monitors than ever before, the very s for HDR continue to be quite expensive compared to non-HDR monitors, and the situation around Windows 10 support for it is still a bit of a mess. However, provided you’re w... 30.10.19 11:20
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Rock, Paper, Shotgun What graphics card do I need for HDR and what PC games support it? HDR on PC continues to be a bit of a mess these days, but provided you haven’t been put off by the astronomical prices of the s for HDR or, indeed, the ongoing debacle surrounding Windows 10 support for it, then the next step on your path to high dynamic range glory is to get an HDR compatib... 26.03.19 13:20
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Splash cash: Shadow Warrior studio Flying Wild Hog bought up After years of growing beards and wearing plaid shirts as an independent studio, Hard Reset developers and Shadow Warrior rebooters Flying Wild Hog have got a shave, started wearing ties, and sided with The Suits. The Polish studio have been bought by Supernova Capital, an investment firm founded ... 18.03.19 14:37
Shadow Warrior 2


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