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Eurogamer Rejoice, for Slay the Spire is finally coming to iOS and Android Slay the Spire, probably the best game in the world ever, is finally coming to iOS and Android devices. It's due this month on iOS and on Android at some point in the future. A specific date will be shared in the E3-style Guerrilla Collective event taking place this weekend, it sounds like. Slay the... 1 Tag 16:38
Community Announcements Slay the Spire Is Coming to iOS This Month Hey everyone, We’ve got some great news to share. We’re happy to announce that Slay the Spire will be in your pockets this month on iOS! When specifically? We’ll have that news very soon, but as a hint, you should try to tune in to the Guerrilla Collective show on June 6th. What about Android? The A... 1 Tag 03:00
Community Announcements The Language Patch! (v2.1 Beta) Hey everyone, We're adding a few tweaks and fixes to improve compatibility for certain resolutions, devices, and operating systems that have been trickling in while working with our porting teams. MacOS Notarization and Mod Support Mod support for MacOS will become incompatible starting v2.1 due to ... 26.05.20 05:37
Rock, Paper, Shotgun The 9 dodgiest religions in games One Off The List is our weekly list feature. Is there something you think doesn t deserve to be on this list? Comment with your reasons why, and next week it may be struck off. Ah, religion. I know this is a topic we all have trouble agreeing on. But fear not, humble practitioner of a good pray,... 28.02.20 10:00
Community Announcements Even more Hotfixes for V2.0 Hey everyone, Turkish language support was added last hotfix but wasn't enabled in the Settings and caused some other issues. This is quite embarrassing, but now it's fixed. Hooray! As always, feel free to contact us at if you run into issues or have suggestions. Fixes and Chang... 29.01.20 00:08
Slay the Spire


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