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Community Announcements v1.25 Mage Talents and Artifact Equipment Improved mage talents Changed repeated card drop rates New Artifacts which can be used any time in battle with cooldowns UI improvements HP gain on level up Fixes: Swallowed Whole Golden Orb Destroyer (achievement) Stop Cowering! Honor Duel Reassuring Presence Master Warshaman Multiple retain card e... 18.03.20 15:37
Community Announcements v1.24 Loot changes Variable Talents New talents to choose from randomly drawn as you level related to your hero class Loot drops are always shown, flarestones used to make additional picks Dungeon Ferocity levels 6, 7 and 8 added Ignite keyword replaces Burn Various random event tweaks, and now non repeating Various UI improvements Le... 04.03.20 05:42
Community Announcements v1.23 Helm and Karim updates 60 new cards for Helm 60 new cards for Karim Mage unlock now 150 gold First 5 Dungeon Ferocity difficulty modes Dungeon floor 2 and 3 encounter tweaks Burning Will adjusted Holding SHIFT or ALT in battle shows your units remaining action & movements Draft Mode: Pick cards from all classes and allegi... 17.02.20 11:32
Community Announcements v1.21 Bug Patch Bug fixed: when an achievement gained whilst logged out of steam, resulted in soft lock (often happened on Hydra) Once one card in a series is found, all levels are visible Wyrmfood legionaire wording fixed Ogre Pot destroyed when under control fixed Miniature Chess Set wording adjusted Floating Hoo... 28.01.20 08:25
Community Announcements v1.20 Patch - Steam Achievements Cloud Save All achievements are retroactively now also Steam Achievements Mage reverted back to 3 starting mana Red Mage-Enchanter deck - Second Sword removed, replaced with Phantasm Chain Fireblast cost fixed Cloud Save 24.01.20 06:31