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  • Plattform: PC Veröffentlicht: 13.10.2022
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Preise Update 20.12.22

Über das Spiel

Schließe dich dem Plüschbären Teddy auf diesem düsteren und unheimlichen Abenteuer an, um seine Besitzerin Alicia aus dem Reich der Träume und verzerrten Kindheitsfantasien zu retten. Wer sonst wird um das Leben des inzwischen erwachsenen Mädchens kämpfen, wenn nicht ihr längst vergessenes und verstaubtes Kuscheltier?

The Darkest Tales ist ein vielschichtiges und fesselndes Abenteuer voller vertrauter Charaktere und märchenhafter Landschaften. Auf deiner Reise wirst du dich mehr als einmal mit den schwierigen Fragen des Lebens auseinandersetzen müssen.

Nicht glücklich bis ans Lebensende
Du wirst bekannte Figuren aus deiner Kindheit treffen, aber das Wiedersehen wird womöglich kein glückliches sein. Die Lebkuchenmänner sind auf Blut aus, Dornröschen scheint ein paar Jahrhunderte Schlaf nachzuholen und die kleine Meerjungfrau sieht eher wie eine Meerhexe aus als ein unschuldiges Kind der Wellen.

Teddy mit den Scherenhänden
Es stellt sich heraus, dass unser Held ein echter Tausendsassa ist. Er hat sich einen Bogen und aus einer Schere Nahkampfwaffen gebastelt und benutzt Nadeln als mächtige Pfeile und als Enterhaken. Im Kampf gegen die Mächte des Bösen ist alles erlaubt.

Vor uns liegt nur Finsternis
Jedes Level findet in einer bekannten, aber verzerrten Märchenwelt statt, die voller Kämpfe, Hindernisse und Geheimnisse steckt. Auf dieser Reise sammelst du Erfahrung, meisterst und verbesserst deine Fähigkeiten und bestehst eine Vielzahl von Herausforderungen – von Kämpfen gegen blutrünstige Gummienten bis hin zur Erkundung des Schlosses der Riesen in den Wolken.

The Darkest Tales ist ein Spiel mit einer tiefgründigen und mysteriösen Geschichte. Während du Fortschritt machst und Monster besiegst, enthüllst du die Geheimnisse dieser alptraumhaften Welt. Wie wird diese Geschichte enden? Das liegt ganz allein an dir und deinen Entscheidungen.


  • CPU: Intel Core i5
  • GFX: Nvidia GTX 960
  • RAM: 8 GB RAM
  • Software: Windows 10
  • HD: 11 GB available space
  • DX: Version 11
  • LANG: English, Italian, Russian, French, German, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish - Latin America, Portuguese - Brazil
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110 Produkte im Account
2 Reviews
1591 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 24.12.22 00:37
This is an action/adventure platformer. You play as a grumpy teddy traveling through your childs dream world to defeat the nightmares. It is visually beautiful. The controls are sometimes iffy with the dbl jump, and in my opinion only one area that needs clarification, the heavy blow attack needs some work. I will say the finale boss fight/s are not as difficult as a couple of the others throughout the game but otherwise a very fun, tough game. I honestly see way too many people complaining about the difficulty, put it on easy if it's too hard for you. I found it a nice challenge, if it was too easy it'd be boring. There are a few cut scenes that I feel drag on a bit but otherwise a great story to follow. I enjoyed my time playing the game!
50 Produkte im Account
3 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
553 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 17.10.22 05:13
So I played this game all the way to the end and have seen most of what this game has to offer. I honestly really wanted to like this game because of how pretty the art was and how much it was like hollow knight. I really did like the art style and the gore of the game. But this game just does not feel done. I will list the pros and cons of this game based on how I experienced the game.
- Beautiful art work and game concept is awesome
- the fighting and pogoing in this game is very similar to hollow knights game play which rocks
- half of the boss fights are kinda fun
- I thought the bears voice was funny
-Pinocchio boss fight was super cool
- all of the talking interactions were soooo boring and long, mostly the ones with the cat lady (which half are unskippable)
- half of the boss fights were not that good to just plain awful. The worst ones had to have been snow white, (because she was less of a boss fight and more of just attacking a turret you punch at certain times.) Maleficent, (because its a completely scripted fight) and the little mermaid. (because that boss fight just sucks and makes no sense)
- why can't the main bear character knock back enemy's with his light attacks. It makes the enemy's that charge at you (flying monkeys) not fun. Also how do you even fight the armored cats in the last area.
- I got softlocked twice in this game. And this was because I wanted to explore but the more I explored by pogoing, the more bugs I found. (fun fact if you pogo over the thorns over Sleeping Beauty's boss fight, I think you can skip it.)
- The last area was just not fun at all. Maleficent's Castle forces you to go on a scavengers hunt finding all of these really annoying ghosts. The worst part of this area is the slowly rotating saw platforms. They rotate at such a bad time to where getting to the next one is almost impossible. Also you can bug the mirror boss fight by not getting onto the center of the final platforms to get to the fighting arena. If you die in the mirror boss fight you will respond back at the bottom respond point and the boss fight will keep going like you didn't die.
- The genie's Idle position looks stupid and loops way too many times
- There should be a mute button for that annoying fairy
- The tutorial for the charged heavy attack is super dumb. (Died from it not knowing what was happening way too many times)
- The double jump screws you over its so bad. You can't double tap jump too fast or the double jump wont work.

Honestly I really want to recommend this game to everyone but this game just needs way too much polishing and it feels like it was rushed out. So I just don't recommend this game. Not yet.
6436 Produkte im Account
1231 Reviews
92 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 03.11.22 22:39
In this very unique platformer you play as a teddy bear who, how could it be otherwise, bears the name Teddy.
His owner is kidnapped and in order to save her, this rather grumpy bear must travel through a world full of twisted fairy tales.

Watch my first gameplay here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhshQCiDaSc

On this adventure you will encounter many enemies, but luckily you have sharp scissors.
That's your basic weapon, but later in the game you'll also gain access to some range attacks or a heavy attack.
The type of weapon always depends on the environment you are in. Each enemy killed gives you experience points and when Teddy reaches a new level, you can improve his stats.
You will also have a little helper that travels with you, Lighty, but from the first second it causes irritation. You don't get real help, because you sometimes have to find out what to do now, and if she offers help, it is only after a certain time. You can best compare this with Navi from the legend of zelda.
9043 Produkte im Account
283 Reviews
1023 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 19.11.22 08:33
[h1] Compelling visuals and an interesting twist on the fairy tale genre make this enjoyable in the main, but there are obvious flaws in the game play mechanics that can prove frustrating. [/h1]

When Alicia falls into a dangerous and nightmarish slumber, where her dreams become a threat to her survival, in steps some of her favourite childhood toys to rescue her.

The Darkest Tale is a 2D platforming action adventure.

[h1]????Overall Impressions????[/h1]
[h2]I really enjoyed The Darkest Tales, especially its settings and story, where everything is turned on its head and things are not what they seem. Locales look gorgeous and are very imaginatively designed, but there are noticeable defects in gameplay which can occasionally prove annoying, especially in timed events or boss battles. [/h2]

[h2]⭐️Level Design and Mechanics⭐️[/h2]
For the majority of this game, I thought level design and visuals were excellent.

The levels are split into their own domains and are themed around the twisted fairy tale on offer. This might be the leafy areas surrounding the fables of Jack and the Beanstalk, or the innards of a whale, based on the stories of Pinocchio. Each level was very imaginatively designed culminating in a nightmarish boss battle with the fairy tales’ main character. Other characters include White Hook, a pirate who collects cute and small things; Peter Pan; Little Red Riding Hood; The Little Mermaid; and Merlin the wizard.

There are slight metroidvania elements, and you may have to search the level for equipment or exits that may not be accessible at first, but it is quite forgiving, and I only got lost once, so I was pleased that the levels were relatively linear and I wasn’t forever getting stuck trying to progress.

Teddy can swing on things and release, and then there are double jumps and bursts that can get him out of trouble. He can jump up walls and between walls to avoid dangerous plants. It’s the bog-standard type of movement for an action platformer.


The main problem with the mechanics is that once you hit something, you are stunned momentarily, and unable to perform any actions. This is where most of my frustration stemmed from, as you are unable to jump, and this often results in your death, or plummeting to the bottom of a tricky platforming section. There are certain timed sections like this, where you are chased, and have to navigate tricky platforms whilst fighting off enemies. It’s quite frantic, and timing is paramount to progress. In these sections, platforms are guarded by thistles and spikes, so hitting these, or getting struck by an enemy, can result in you missing a jump and having to start the process again. There is a section towards the end like this, that literally ruined my day because it was so frustrating. I must have tried fifty times to complete this section, and it was brutal, but very satisfying to finally complete.

Sometimes, the double jump doesn’t seem to work in certain situations either, but because the levels are very forgiving and save points are never too far away, it is unfortunate, but it won’t prove too much hassle to return and try again.

I thought the game had a perfect difficulty level for myself. I needed perseverance, but I was always motivated to try again, because I was enjoying the story and game play so much.

Follow IndieGems for more reviews like this one.

[h2]????Boss Battles????[/h2]
Boss battles were a little hit or miss, and some boss battles were much better than others. The Praying Mantis level, based on Sleeping Beauty, seemed to be much more difficult than any of the others. Some are quite epic and need careful precision movements, whilst others are incredibly easy. I defeated the last boss on the first attempt, so there are some balancing issues that need addressing.

Teddy gains the ability to fly in some sections, and this mechanic is very difficult to control whilst trying to attack enemies. Again, this can lead to frustrating moments, which is a shame, as the boss battles are very exciting and imaginatively performed in the main. Sometimes, mechanics like this can be bypassed, like against Peter Pan where I managed to defeat him by firing upwards with my boomerang, whereas I am sure I was meant to be flying around after him, so there are design flaws in some of these encounters.


Teddy has various weapons at his disposal. As you progress, you will acquire new ones. Once collected they can be swapped in and out depending on your preference. Light weapons, like the double sword or spear, offer fast and nimble attacks with less damage; Heavy weapons like the axe or great sword can be charged and will produce lots of damage, but are slow and cumbersome; and ranged weapons like the bow, boomerang, shotgun or shield. The latter being more of a defensive weapon to block enemy projectiles.

You can equip up to six skills, but these spots need to be acquired by finding special orbs hidden in difficult to find places. The skills needed to fill these spots are either acquired through game play or once again hidden in the environments. There are twenty-five skills to collect, and at the end of the game I had only acquired eleven, so it shows how difficult they are to collect.

There is the option to travel back in time using mirrors to locate these orbs if you so wish.

Skills generally offer more damage, enhanced melee or ranged attacks, less cost for healing and greater experience rewards for killing.

The skill tree seemed a bit basic to me with little variety, and it was difficult to plan any kind of route because you are unable to see the full length of the branch, only the next available skill. When I upgraded skills, I didn’t notice much difference and they seemed a bit bland, only slightly increasing what I already had, and any new mechanics were left to finding orbs rather than through gaining experience points.

The combat felt a little clunky, and not very smooth at times. Combos can be quite exciting to perform, but often they were a hindrance, leaving Teddy hanging in the air and vulnerable to attack. The dash and double jump are very important, especially in bigger battles, but the double jump was a little unreliable.

[h2] ????Story and characters????[/h2]


The main characters can be slightly annoying at times, especially Lighty with her high-pitched voice, but these are minor irritations and don’t ruin the enjoyment of the game. The characters were very interesting, and I loved the settings and the way the story book feel was reversed to feel dread and despair.

Between each stage, a narrator reads a story in a comic book fashion, with action sequences played out as drawings. It was a nice introduction to the next level. There are brief moments of story within the game, especially between Teddy and Lighty who have numerous conversations, some more meaningful than others.

Overall, the story was surprising, entertaining and very well produced.

[h2] The Darkest Tales was enjoyable, with highly polished production values and a strong theme which was interesting and original.

It had the perfect difficulty level for me and encouraged me to keep trying until I was successful.

The only element which drags it down is the jumping mechanics and the sometimes-clunky combat. Even though these features can prove frustrating at times, I think they can be resolved, and in the main I would definitely recommend this.

182 Produkte im Account
7 Reviews
976 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 18.10.22 09:43
Enjoyed playing this game.
The Darkest Tales catches on with its cute style. Although, after meeting with the first enemy, you understand that not everything is so simple. The atmosphere quickly changes from cute to dark and intimidating.
This is an interesting feature of perception in this game. Even if you understand that from a helpless unarmed bear your character turns into a killing machine with a large arsenal of weapons, you still feel that the main character, Teddy, feels very small inside the human mind. Small and lonely. He is cynical, strong-willed, brave, but still, insignificant in front of the endless nightmares generated by the consciousness of a human girl.

I liked the ideas in the plot of this game. You can philosophize about them endlessly.

And there is definitely time for philosophizing! Especially during some of the platforming challenges that almost broke my gamepad.
115 Produkte im Account
15 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
550 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 16.11.22 11:33
[h1] Introduction [/h1]

I played it once beta and have been waiting for 9 months. Here is my experience and perspective for this game.

First of all this game is an indie game. That's mean they don't have that much budget as AAA games, so they will focused on the idea and unique gameplay instead. This is why I love indie games and want to support small developers.

[h1] Story [/h1]

The Darkest tale is a linear game so as it story, nothing complicated and they're all been told by cut scenes. Overall it's pretty decent and really unique by the theme it self but it may not that interesting by story telling. It should be more intense and darker to match the game theme.

[h1] Gameplay [/h1]

The combat fells like Hollow Knight inspired. Light weapon can attack in four direction and will bounce you back in the air if you strike enemies form above. This will be the main mechanics of the game and it's also very easy to learn. The rest is heavy and range attack that will be unlock as far as you go. Another things to mentioned is mana system, you will use it for healing and empowered attack in both light and heavy attack.

After killing enemies you will gain levels that's proceed to skill trees. But, it's not that useful for only increase some damage. range, and reducing charging time that you will barely use it in a real combat. Overall, it's won't change any of your play style and it's make late game so boring.

Enemies and Environment are basically not fun to play against, it's annoying and ridiculous by both of designed and hit boxes. Enemies are stupid, they only move around and throw some random moves praying that it will hit the player. They also mostly spawned flying enemies to platform part to make it harder to reach but in reality it doesn't work like that, it annoying. Bosses are mostly not fun to play against same as same reason as the common enemies but added hit box problems that some times make you stuck in side because of unit collision and bosses move doesn't that impressive and memorable.

Platforms are very frustrating plus clingy movement. I fell like I'm playing Getting Over It because every times you fall, you'll be back down for a mile and also have to deal with enemies on the way chasing you until it's dead.

Overall, it fells bored, annoying, and frustrating to play through and this is not the worst part yet...

[h1] Performance [/h1]

Code PC Specs
- Ryzen 5 5600x
- GTX 1650
- 16 GB DDR4 3200mhz
- 500 GB M.2 SSD

I founded a bug since the first 2 minutes in game and so on over 15 times through 9 hours of gameplay in many form, super jump and pan down like I'm on the moon, menu but that doesn't let me quit the game, slam not work so I pass through surface and stuck in the air, sounds bug, etc.

Frames drop in some scenes for no reason. It happened about 10% of gameplay. I once have fought the one of bosses in 15 frames and that make it's the worst experience and also the hardest boss in the game so far.

[h1] Visuals and Sounds [/h1]

They did a good work in the part of matching visuals and game theme very well. In cut scenes, it looks good in faraway perspective. But if you look it close in, you will founded that model and dialogue look a bit wired in my opinion but it's not a big deal. I like how they used book pages to tell story sometimes, arts are great and it's really good choice to fix budget problem.

Sound effects is too hard and music is pretty bad for me. This is the first game that I decided to turn game music off and listened to spotify instead.

Unfortunate, this game should have been better than this.
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5 Reviews
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449 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 15.11.22 15:39
The concept is very interesting, but it's filled with bugs and it's way too much linear.
The whole idea of fighting distorted versions of fairy tales is great, and saves a lot of time on worldbuilding and storytelling, which was a bit lacking. The fighing seems slightly off at all times and knockback can push enemies out of bounds, making them immortal and unreachable, which is annoying if they have ranged attacks.
Everything in the game seems to have been created in order to be similar to Hollow Knight (which costs less btw), from the UI to the charm mechanic. Charms aren't interesting enough to make me backtrack on a completely linear level structure, even with teleports.
If you enjoyed hollow Knight you might like this, if you haven't played that yet then go get it instead, it's way better than this one under almost every aspect.
180 Produkte im Account
7 Reviews
124 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 18.10.22 11:34
I really liked this game! It's just awesome!
Very engaging grim story so far. Controls need some time to get used too, but after that I played rather smoothly.
Voice acting is great, bear sounds very badass.
After Hollow Knight I couldnt find a game with the same vibe and I think this one must be it.
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