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Beyond Skyrim
Name: Beyond Skyrim
Spiel: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Autor: Cyrodiil Development Team

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Beyond Skyrim ist ein massives Multi-Team-Mod-Projekt, welches die Grenzen öffnet und die benachbarten Provinzen von Skyrim zum Leben erweckt. Nicht länger wirst du an die Grenzen von Skyrim zurückkehren müssen, aber du kannst nun weiter in unentdeckte Landschaften reisen.
Travel beyond the borders of Skyrim, and visit Bruma, the northmost county in Cyrodiil.

Discover what has become of the city's residents since the events of Oblivion in all-new adventures and storylines. Plunge into the depths of ancient Ayleid ruins. Explore an expansive region larger and denser than the Dragonborn DLC. In Beyond Skyrim: Bruma, the choices - and their consequences - are yours alone.

Rediscover Frostcrag Spire, Cloud Ruler Temple, Frostfire Glade and many other legendary locations. The journey back to the Heartland begins now. Are you prepared?

  • The city of Bruma, reimagined and recreated from scratch in exhaustive detail, containing over 70 residents, each with their own unique dialogue, stories and routines?
  • A fully-explorable County Bruma, larger in size and scope than the Dragonborn DLC, packed to the brim with new dungeons, points of interest and secrets - brought to life with more custom art assets than any comparable Skyrim mod?
  • All-new Cyrodilic weapons and armor?
  • Seamless integration with the base game - cross the border with your existing character or start a new one?
  • Innumerable all-new quests and storylines?
  • Over 24,000 lines of high-quality voiceover from a professional and semi-professional cast whose combined credits include Dragon Age: Inquisition, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Apotheon and Heroes of Newerth?
  • Over three hours of original music?

Readme Beyond Skyrim

The author of this file has indicated that it requires one or more other files in order to work properly.
The files needed in order for this file to work are as follows:

Dawnguard [DLC]
Hearthfire [DLC]
Dragonborn [DLC]
SKSE ini pre-download for lazy users
SSME - Skyrim Startup Memory Editor

If you do not download and install these files as per the author's instructions
then it's extremely likely that it will not work for you and that'll be no one's fault but your own.


Q: What kind of people are you looking for? How can I join the Cyrodiil team?
A: We are always on the lookout for talented concept artists, 3D modellers, landscape designers and people skilled with the CK, although we have openings for other positions as well. Just register on Dark Creations and post in our Sign Up thread, along with a sample of your work. If you're interested in joining any of the other Beyond Skyrim projects, you may post in the generalrecruitment area.

Q: What is Beyond Skyrim?
A: Beyond Skyrim is an ambitious community, composed of various, independent projects working together to bring the other Provinces of Tamriel - like High Rock, Cyrodiil, Hammerfell and Morrowind - into the game and timeline of Skyrim.

Q: Will it require a new game?
A: Nope! You will be able to use your existing characters from Skyrim. Just hop over the border, and continue your adventures.

Q: Is this the same thing as Skyblivion / Skywind? Why aren't you working with them?
A: No, Skyblivion and Skywind are remakes of older Bethesda games in the Skyrim engine. This is an entirely new mod in which the player can visit a version of Tamriel contemporary to Skyrim. Our goals and methods are different, but we keep up a good relationship.

Q: Why not you just port content from Oblivion / Morrowind / other games?
A: Because this is a violation of Bethesda's EULA, and would be grounds for them to close down the project.

Q: Will this be released for Special Edition / Consoles?
A: Beyond Skyrim: Bruma will be available on Skyrim Special Edition soon, and on Xbox One in the future.

Installation Beyond Skyrim

Manual installation
Download and unzip the archive, and place all contents in your Skyrim/Data folder. Ensure that both BSAssets.esm and BSHeartland.esm are enabled in your load order and that BSHeartland.esm loads AFTER BSAssets.esm.

With Mod Organizer (RECOMMENDED) or Nexus Mod Manager
Click "download with manager" or download the archive manually. Once the mod is activated, ensure that both BSAssets.esm and BSHeartland.esm are enabled in your load order and that BSHeartland.esm loads AFTER BSAssets.esm.

Uninstalling Beyond Skyrim: Bruma is not supported due to the way that the game engine 'bakes' data into saved games. If you wish to stop using Beyond Skyrim: Bruma, you are STRONGLY advised to roll back to a saved game that predates your installing Beyond Skyrim: Bruma, or start a new saved game.

If you uninstall Beyond Skyrim: Bruma without rolling back to a previous saved game or starting a new one, it is very likely that you will experience bugs. This is due to the way the game engine handles data files, and is true of Bethesda's official DLC as well as other comparable mods.

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Name Version Größe Datum Download
Beyond Skyrim Bruma 1.2 1.2 2.15 GB 06.07.17 22:24 Download


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Changelog (Beyond Skyrim Bruma 1.2)

Version 1.2

Quest & NPC Fixes
Fixed vampire thralls attacking each other
Fixed missing Razzada quest script
Fixed Razzada talking in his sleep
Fixed butcher shop not being open in Bruma
Fixed Pale Pass soldier with no AI package
Fixed Legate at border gate not fighting to the death
Fixed npcs talking Ayleid
Fixed typos including dozens of double spaces in text
Ensure cut "CathedralMassScene" won't run
Fixed A Stormcloak in Chains failing to progress after exiting the fort
Removed hunter from levelled list with no voice
MS09 parts properly disabled
Restored missing voice files for CYRMaleBritishEveryman
Added 3 missing scripts
Replaced Wereboar with Werewolf to prevent game crashes
Disabled some random events that were causing crashes
Removes the aggro radius on the ogre in Boreal Stone Cave
Makes it so only Erlus can use the idle marker behind the bar in Snowstone Rest

Level Design Fixes
Fixes double navmesh (cell 19,44) and a few other minor navmesh issues
Removed double navmesh in two cells; fixed navmesh to allow followers to enter Northfringe Cave
Fixed landscape tearing at Talos camp
Fixed Fort Horunn occlusion planes
Fixed lots of landscape holes and floating objects
Region definitions corrected for Bruma Release Region
Removed duplicate items in POI20
Fixed landscape hole at Namira's shrine
Navmesh correction to 23,48 - corrected crash on merge.
Disables some map markers outside the release area so they don't show up on the compass
Adds missing boss chest to Anga and fixes some lights.
Fixes the shield in the eastern watchtower and repairs a hole in a cliff.
Fixes border region at Plump Rat camp
Removed some unused markers
Fixes edits to vanilla Skyrim border region
Made Pale Pass marker visible by default

Model & Texture Fixes
Added environment map and cube map to the Minotaur axe
Removed explicit external emmitance from several Bruma wall models that no longer have lighting
Fixed onionhanging, stinkhorn, and Goblin War Axe textures
Several fixes to Ayleid ruin kit
Ironwood nut texture fix
Added new comb clutter items.
Fixed Cathedral lod
Restored some missing book models that caused crashes
Added amulets for future implementation
Missing treasure map texture restored
Implemented new Imperial City lod models
Regenerated object lod and landscape lod
Replaced several Goblin skins that were causing crashes
Fixes leather armor cuirass crash.
Fixed Ayleid button activate sound
Removed buggy Thorina helm from outfits
Added harvest sound to plant missing it

Compressed several errant .wav files as .xwm
Fixed the duplicate enchanted Iron War Axe
Fixed some oil puddles not being flammable
Fixed an empty loot chest
Adjusted map size to disallow panning camera over unfinished portion of province
Cleaned ITM and UDR records from both BSAssets and BSTamriel
Added dummy effects to obsolete Ayleid items so they won’t spam an error