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Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE

Autor: Ousnius and Caliente
Release: 04.12.2011
Erstellt: 06.07.17
Aktualisiert: 06.07.17
Homepage: keine Infos

Download Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE

CBBE replaces the vanilla female body that all adult female characters (player and NPC) share, with one that is fully customisable through the BodySlide tool and BodySlide's RaceMenu Morphs plugin. By default there are three nude options available that don't require anything but installation, as well as three underwear styles for these body shapes.

The body mesh is a completely custom mesh, at more than double the resolution of the vanilla Skyrim body. Included are completely custom textures made from photographs of real women, and a reworked high-res normal map to fit the body. Also redone are the mesh weights for animation, offering improved deformation in many poses.

Note to modders: If you wish to create armour/clothes for the 3.4 bodies, use the provided modders' resource meshes. They have been made for the clothed body in mind, with realistic gravity, if any, applied to the breasts.

CBBE comes with three main options for body shapes: Slim, Curvy, and Vanilla, and these also come in an optional 'NeverNude' version. The nude textures are shaved, but there are retextures, mods such as RaceMenu, and Caliente's Texture Blender for further options.

Slim is the default CBBE body, and is a version of CBBE based on a natural and healthy pear-shaped female. This can be found in the "00 Required (Slim)" folder of the main download.

Curvy is based on the original CBBE, and is more voluptuous than Slim, but still realistic in its proportions. This can be found in the "01 Curvy" folder of the main download.

Vanilla is based on the Vanilla body, and made to work with CBBE textures. The breasts are lowered/reshaped to make them look more realistic, while the waist is thicker than the other CBBE types, and the pelvic region more defined. This can be found in the "02 Vanilla" folder.

NeverNude are the Curvy, Slim and Vanilla bodies that have vanilla-style underwear. These are found in the "02 NeverNude" sub directory of the "04 Underwear Slim", "05 Underwear Curvy" and "06 Underwear Vanilla" folders.

Caliente Undies/CalUndies are the Slim, Curvy and Vanilla bodies with modern style underwear. The panties come in 'full brief' (CalUndies1) and 'high-leg' (CalUndies2) shapes. These are found in the above underwear folders, and are further customisable with BodySlide.

CBBE Face Pack is for those who don't feel like searching for a decent face mod to go with the base CBBE textures. This pack does not contain any new or edited face presets; it contains textures only. Also includes 'Eyebrows Match Hair' in two shades and three styles (six sets in total), and a 'dirt to beauty marks' option. These options can be found in the "08 Face Pack" folder in the main archive, and do not require the use of TexBlend/TexBlendLite.

TexBlendLite is a one-click application for fixing neckseams between the default CBBE body textures and any non-CBBE FacePack face texture replacer.

Readme Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE

Noch haben wir keinen Beschreibungstext für diesen Beitrag finden können. Wir sind aber bemüht, dies so schnell wie möglich nachzuholen, sobald es relevante Informationen dazu gibt.

Installation Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE

Noch haben wir keinen Beschreibungstext für diesen Beitrag finden können. Wir sind aber bemüht, dies so schnell wie möglich nachzuholen, sobald es relevante Informationen dazu gibt.

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Name Version Größe Datum Download
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition v3.4f 3.4f 86.53 MB 06.07.17 23:25 Download


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Changelog (Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition v3.4f)

Version 3.4

- updated to latest version.
- minor mesh weighting fixes (by ChronoTrigger77).
- included 1st person body meshes (fixes weird arms in 1st person).
Version 3.4b

- fixed mesh seams for "CBBE Vanilla" and "CBBE Vanilla NeverNude"
- slightly adjusted the "" map to better fit the CBBE UV.
- now includes BodySlide v2.4. See its own mod page for changes.
Version 3.4a

- even more nice weighting tweaks (by ChronoTrigger77).
- all bodies now share the same weights (not taking physics differences into account).
- added RaceMenu in-game morph plugin to the installer. Requires RaceMenu v3.1 or higher and building the morphs in BodySlide.
Version 3.4c

- now includes BodySlide v2.5. See its own mod page for changes.
Version 3.4e

- removed butt wrinkles from the body normal map.
- now includes BodySlide v2.7. See its own mod page for changes.
Version 3.4d

Face Pack:
- less shiny lips.
- slightly more detailed normal map.
- improvements for head seams.
- updated curvy and slim presets and pre-built shapes.
- updated hand meshes (slightly smoother).
- removed ankle wrinkles from body normal map.
- removed (invisible) seam lock sliders from BodySlide sets.
- now includes BodySlide v2.6. See its own mod page for changes.
Version 3.4f

- BodySlide and RaceMenu Morphs available at only the BodySlide mod page from now on
Version 3.3

- minor mesh weighting fixes (by ChronoTrigger77).
- slightly adjusted the default proportions of Curvy for a bit more realistic look with gravity.
- completely removed all offsets off all .nif files - mostly important to modders (by ChronoTrigger77).
- the main CBBE archive now includes BodySlide v2.2+ instead of v1.4 as an installer option to keep everything somewhat consistent.
- see the Nexus mod page of "BodySlide 2 and Outfit Studio" for a complete change log.
- new mod installer (FOMod) that replaces the old custom installer method.
- fixed multiple incorrect paths/file names.
- now works with all mod managers, without error message boxes.
Version 3.2.3

- Same as v3.2. NMM support added.
Version 3.2

- New high detail/photorealistic textures. Colour map updated to 4098x, normal map and spec map to 2048x.
- Burned and elderly women textures included.
- Mesh updates to CBBE Curvy and Slim. They now use sliders previously available in the CalienteBodyPlus (CB+) set in BodySlide. Slim now has a more unique look, rather than just Curvy with a smaller bust.
- BodySlide updated to include new options. NeverNude now has the full CB+ slider range. CB+ merged into main CalienteBody set, and removed from BodySlide. All CB+ sliders are now found in CalienteBody.
- Optional NeverNude underwear mesh and textures.
- Official CBBE Face Pack updated to 1.3. Colour and spec maps updated. Lipmask updated. Basic vampire textures added. Combined into the main pack.
Version 3.1

- BodySlide updated to 1.3 and included in main file.
- Afflicted and Khajiit female textures included in main file.
- Hip fix files and MipMap textures combined into the main pack.
- Official CBBE Face Pack updated to 1.2. Three new eyebrow options. Dirt to Beauty-mark optional file.
Version 3.0

- Tweaked and fixed meshes and textures.
- One-step "TexBlend" application to fix neck seams.
- NeverNude for all versions.
- More size options with a "BodySlide" tool.
- Optional breast animations/weighting.
Version 2.1

- Seamless body.
- Improved feet and hands.
- Improved body textures.
Version 2.0

- Higher resolution mesh provides smoother curves and lighting.
- Improved animation weighting provides somewhat better deformation during animation (still some ugliness from the animations themselves - weights can only fix so much). Shoulders, thighs, and knees are greatly helped by this.
- New UVs, both a blessing and a curse, allows for more detail in certain areas. The downside: old textures and normal map will look strange.
- New texture and normal map created from scratch. Necessary to match the new UVs, the texture is a cleaner, softer looking one than the vanilla texture.
Version 1.0

- Initial meshes.
- Fixed-size breasts, shaved texture options.
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