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Community Announcements Introducing The Survivalists! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/36338036/767fe6eff19699844a4594fc6a0c9aabce38cbb7.jpg We’re excited to reveal our new game - The Survivalists. A game which allows you to build, craft and explore in a procedurally generated sandbox world set in The Escapists universe. Check out the official trailer below: https:/... 11.12.19 09:41
Community Announcements Two new Team17 games to be announced next week! With E3 approaching and Hell Let Loose releasing on the 6th of June, it’s fair to say that Team17 has a very busy week ahead! In fact, next week we’ll be unveiling not just one bu... 31.05.19 10:06
Community Announcements Own The Escapists? Save 75% on The Escapists 2! Hi everyone If you own The Escapists on Steam and have been considering making the jump to The Escapists 2, we’ve got great news for you! As a thank you for contributing to the suc... 08.05.19 11:44
Community Announcements Save up to 75% on The Escapists franchise! Hi everyone For those of you that've yet to complete (or even begin) your The Escapists game collection on Steam, you can now save up to 75% across the entire franchise as a part o... 27.03.19 18:14
Community Announcements Introducing The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout! Hey everyone A lot of you have been asking for The Escapists 2 on mobile devices and today we’re super excited to confirm that it is indeed coming. It’s called The Escapists 2: Po... 17.01.19 15:08

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