The Shattering

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Community Announcements DevBlog #5 we are back with another location, another side to side comparison on what a progress we made and we are pretty proud of that. For the classroom we decided it had to be darker, because it underlines how the character feels being in the classroom. To make the changes... 09.07.19 13:14
Community Announcements DevBlog #4 A lot of things happen when you make a game and we are excited to show you the progress we made and what changes happened during the making of the game to the visual. Inspiration is the key For creating a room we needed inspiration. So our journey started with looking... 14.06.19 11:49
Community Announcements DevBlog #3 A Nightmare in White Our game is build with a certain style in mind. You are afraid of the dark? No worries, we went a different way. The Shattering is mainly focused on the color white. The idea was to build a game which can freak you out without scare jumps and with... 07.06.19 14:43
Community Announcements DevBlog #2 Shattered World To bring you our game a little closer we want to share some of the key features of the game. First we have the ÔÇťshatteringÔÇŁ. In certain points of the game your surroundings will shatter for different reasons. Some will show you a new way, others are to... 31.05.19 15:04
Community Announcements DevBlog #1 Setup How much pain is a human mind able to endure before it shatters? The Shattering is a psychological thriller that takes place in the most dangerous place imaginable, the human mind itself. The first person perspective put... 27.05.19 15:25