• The Song of Seven: Screen zum Spiel.
  • The Song of Seven: Screen zum Spiel.
  • The Song of Seven: Screen zum Spiel.
  • The Song of Seven: Screen zum Spiel.
  • The Song of Seven: Screen zum Spiel.
  • The Song of Seven: Screen zum Spiel.
  • The Song of Seven: Screen zum Spiel.
  • The Song of Seven: Screen zum Spiel.
  • The Song of Seven: Screen zum Spiel.
  • The Song of Seven: Screen zum Spiel.
  • The Song of Seven: Screen zum Spiel.
  • The Song of Seven: Screen zum Spiel.
  • The Song of Seven: Screen zum Spiel.
  • The Song of Seven: Screen zum Spiel.
  • The Song of Seven: Screen zum Spiel.
  • The Song of Seven: Screen zum Spiel.


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  • Plattform: PC Veröffentlicht: 17.05.2016
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Über das Spiel

The Song of Seven spans an entire world and tells a story of forgotten celestial siblings, isolated villages, seafaring pirates, ghosts, monsters, leaders, artists, mystics, lovers, dancers, inventors, and the power of connections. Its game play hearkens back to old school point and click, inventory-based adventure/puzzle games but uses third person analog controls for a more updated, immersive feeling.

Each chapter is meant to be the video game version of a short story, a quick, enjoyable digital romp that can be played in a dedicated day or a lazy weekend. When taken together, the chapters assemble a narrative that roams across a world of distinct cultures and intriguing lore with a story that can be enjoyed and appreciated by all ages.

Chapter 1
Not many epic adventures begin with a broken fence, but Kiba's does. Kiba begins his journey as a young man on the verge of adulthood, and along the way, not only does he find friends among the game's cast of unforgettable characters, he also touches many lives that will ultimately change the face of the world in which he lives. He's not a savior or a genius. He's a pretty average kid with a talent for music, a big heart, and a knack for being in the right place at the right time—or the wrong place at the worst possible time, depending on your point of view.

The Song of Seven's first chapter begins in an isolated, walled village nestled in the bottom of a forested valley. Kiba goes to fix a broken fence and meets Emma, an exuberant but odd young inventor. The two of them accidentally collide with a sacred, mystical bull, and in trying to make sure it's all right, they stumble across the ruins of an ancient and forgotten templethat once housed the avatar of Ami the Hunter's energy. Once inside, the doors close behind them, and the only way out is forward through three levels of puzzles, riddles, and challenges called the Pilgrim's Path.


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Steam Nutzer-Reviews

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50 Reviews
189 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 29.05.16 13:34
The Song of Seven: Chapter One ist ein traumhafter Einstieg in ein wundervoll inszeniertes und ehrzähltes Adventure der besonderen Art.

Die Geschichte ist sehr schön erzählt und lässt einen die Reise zweier Charaktere miterleben die beide auf der Suche nach ihrem wahren Ich sind und den Komplikationen von Verschlossenheit und falscher Sicherheit im laufe der Geschichte auf den Grund gehen. Die Erzählweise ist wunderbar geschrieben mit den vielen Anekdoten, Witzen und einfach der Art wie sie rüber gebracht wird.

Graphisch hat Enlightened Games alles richtig gemacht mit ihrem besonderen Artstyle mit den lebendigen und anregenden Farben die einen richtig schön in die Stimmung von The Song of Seven hineinziehen. Atmosphärisch grandios vermittelt mit den sehr zahlreich vorhandenen Cutscenes die obendrein klasse erstellt wurden und einen nicht aus der Immersion reißen.

Die Steuerung ist dagegen etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig und besonders auf den Übersichtskarten manchmal etwas fummelig, kann man aber getrost darüber hinwegsehen. Für die Zukunft wäre die Einbindung eines Controllers aber sehr wünschenswert!

Sound und Musiktechnisch alles allererste Sahne, toll komponierte Musikuntermalungen und sehr gut an die verschiedenen Situationen angepasste Effekte die die Immersion von The Song of Seven abrunden.

Von mir eine klare Kaufempfehlung für alle Fans von schön erzählten Adventures die damit leben können das es erst einen Teil von fünf gibt. Den Preis finde ich vielleicht einen Ticken zu hoch aber damit kann man leben. Auch das erneute Spielen wird mir einige Freude bereiten um die schöne Musik und Story nochmals einzufangen und natürlich um die die letzten verbleibenden Errungenschaften freizuschalten.

+++ Gefällt Euch das Review und wollt mehr Reviews von mir lesen so schaut doch mal bei meiner Kurator-Seite vorbei: Reviews von Jadefelsen! +++
2318 Produkte im Account
61 Reviews
175 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 05.07.17 21:39
An absolutely lovely game, really like the story and it's got some interesting puzzles.
The underlaying message is great as well. Really love the style and the way the game is made.
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82 Reviews
380 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 28.04.17 17:11

A girl leads a boy on an allegoric fantasy journey outside the walls of his village in this point & click adventure game with the charm & gorgeous art of rpg’s like Trine.

The game is actually chapter one of a set, and after the ending, the groundwork is laid for chapter two. I’m sure it will be as charming as this initial installment has proved to be.

The music puzzles are what really stands apart in Song of Seven. Gameplay consists of the typical for adventure games like Deponia, but with less pointing, less clicking, & less chores. This creates an easy moving adventure game that leaves room for more of the things we like in a good p&c adventure: music, cut scenes & dialog. The dialog options alternate between listening & choice-based answers. The choice based dialog is rather simplified, and can end the game suddenly if you make the obvious wrong choices within the framework of the allegory, because our character is supposed to be learning something from this narrative. Wrong answers would be the equivalent of failing the mission. I finished the whole game in 5 hours, even after having to restart it after a big delay, because I got a new computer. I’d missed one of the achievies in that play through, so it only took 20 minutes to run back through the first chapter to catch that.

Humor and nostalgia-filled moments lead you through a lovely mythological tale of a lost hunter goddess. The boy lives in a village that has been overtaken by fear to the point that they live locked in their own city walls. Then a girl shows up outside the gate to draw the boy away into the forest around his city.

Camera controls allow you to fully appreciate the art that illustrates the story. It is illustrated with deep hues of earth-tones, that bring out panoramas & sunsets in full color splendor. The graphics perform well with a good framerate. I experienced no drops or lags at all. Just a smooth, pleasant play-through without any difficulties. Certainly a game that is family friendly in every aspect. I saw no bugs or graphical errors either.

*Socially/ psychologically oriented narrative
*Simple mechanics
*Musical immersion
*Good soundtrack

*Not as challenging as many p&c adventures.
*Probably quick gameplay for faster gamers (maybe 3 hours for some)

The Overture is the 1st of five planned episodes in The Song of Seven; a myth-based allegory of overcoming crippling fears. I highly recommend this musical adventure for gamers of all ages.

1287 Produkte im Account
44 Reviews
218 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 05.04.17 16:28
The Song of Seven: Chapter 1 is a charming game for point-and-click adventure enthusiasts. Would play again 10/10
252 Produkte im Account
24 Reviews
126 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 03.07.16 01:01
This game charmed my pants off.

It's beautiful, to start, and I don't think that's arguable. Try arguing, because you can't. The color choices, the lines, the shadows, the textures, the character models...! Okay, it looks good. But how is it under the hood?

The tone means a lot. The musician is talented, and who knows whether the music complements the art or vice versa, but they are great. I might prefer a few more melodic hooks, but everything meshes so well there's no complaint.

The writing and the plot are a little thin for my story-driven mind, but this isn't a bad implementation so much as a personal preference. I like to read a lot, even in games, and the lack of deep conversations or voice work makes it a little less than my tea cup desires. It's tame. That said, it's not a fault so much as an aspect you should consider before you definitely buy this! You have moderate text to read, and it's to-the-point. This can be a huge benefit for a lot of gamers.

The world map is a beautiful touch for a point-and-click style game, making the whole experience almost feel JRPG-esque. The scope of the in-game universe becomes a true reality for the main character, and this feeling bleeds into the player's hands the moment she/he leaves that claustrophobic village and enters a peaceful, 360 degree environment of shrunken ruins and villages and hillsides and rivers and broken aeroplane-things.

I tend to nitpick, and I want to drop my (useless) advice all day on what could be improved, but the fact remains that The Song of Seven leaves a wonderful impact. It's a great game. It's easy to recommend and easier to talk about. You can feel subtle influences from Ico and Final Fantasy IX here and there as well, and in the best of ways: that is, there's creative inspiration rather than imitation.

If you don't buy Chapter 01 then I definitely recommend you add the series to your wishlist, because if this is what the first episode can offer you'll want to be there for the next ones.
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357 Reviews
174 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 24.05.16 15:01
Target Audience: Point and Click Adventure Fans who like themes of freedom, and is willing to be part of a bumpy ride

This is a tough one. On one hand, there's a good set of themes regarding curiosity versus safety and what it means to live. Characters are reasonably developed for the 2-3 hours that it takes to beat the first episode. The game is nice to look at, in particular regarding the environment backdrops and the scenery that's created. The basic puzzles do the job, and it's your typical point and click adventure experience. However, it becomes clear early on that the game is really rough around the edges, as the lack of kickstarter budget of the title shows in rushed narratives and a lack of polish of the central engine of the game. It's biggest flaw is its pacing: as story elements drop out of nowhere, or characters undergo massive changes without reasonable events to cause the change in behavior. There's little issues with the presentation as well, as the game didn't do its best of complementing some sections with lighting changes or character appropriate animations. You'll feel like the game fell short of its potential, which makes this determination really hard. I want to see more of this universe, and the base story does enough to tilt things toward the recommendation side. But those getting the game know this: you're getting a deeply flawed experience, and it's a good title to target for a sale.

Video Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cq4QyIPrIAA

  • Good themes of fear versus curiosity are present.
  • Characters are simple but easy to understand, and have easily identifiable traits associated with them.
  • Good background design and drawing talent on display. Can look beautiful at times.
  • Some good puzzle design, in particular with a music puzzle and figuring out what notes are missing through tones.
  • Developer seems to be rather responsive with multiple builds released during the review time.

  • Story rhythm is a major problem. Characters undergo radical changes without the appropriate events corresponding to them. Feels like a game stuck on fast forward, and that may come down to a lack of funds. It just feels like it was held back from its true potential.
  • Really rough around the edges all over the place. Suffers from a lack of polish in several elements, including graphics and story.
  • Lighting is an issue in several scenes. Unable to see proper emotion, or able to complement the scene well.
  • Couple of bugs, including a progress breaking one. Developer is responsive, but still, dragged down the experience.

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8 Reviews
64 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 18.05.16 12:25
I didn't really know what to expect, if it was a platformer, point-and-click or something entirely different. It's like a mix obetween exploration, point-and-click/visual novel'ish. Normally, I'm not a huge fan of the latter, but there's a charm and beauty to this game that trapped my fascination and curiosity. However, I experienced a serious lag issue playing with the lowest resolution when I went to the other side of the fence, which ruined the peaceful, atmospheric feel. And the character showing me around would get stuck next to rocks, so I'd have to try to fish her out. The way my characer moves is also very.. unique? But I did get used to it and didn't really mind, once I got distracted by the lovely music, amazing colors, lighting and stunning scenario. Somewhat unpolished, but to me it's so aesthetically pleasing and artistically inspiring that I'd recommend it either way.
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