The Song of Seven


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Community Announcements Patch 1.03 is live! Official controller patch is here! Took a lot longer than we planned but we added a bunch of other menu content as well! We should note that it only officially supports a 360/Xbox One controller on PC. Mac / Linux / other controller hardware will come in the near future. MAJOR FEATURES: Controller s... 26.07.16 16:19
Community Announcements Controller Beta (Patch 1.03) now Live! Hey everyone! Patch 1.03 is now up in beta! This means if you opt in to play s07 : Chapter One beta, your library client will automatically update. For anyone with a Xbox 360 or One controller you should be able to play the game from start to finish. If you find any bugs, please report them here or ... 22.07.16 02:05
Community Announcements Patch 1.02 The Song of Seven : Chapter One : Patch 1.02 -continued navigation polish in the overworld -fixed entering mountainside in act 1 at certain times was preventing act 1 animations to play -fixed Jandel interaction to properly turn off after you solve *that* puzzle in Kami Village. :3 -fixed Loading ou... 30.05.16 22:04
Community Announcements 5.19.2016 - Patch 1.01 (Hot fix update) Edit : There was a hot fix just now fixing the #notyourgta achievement. Hey all! First of all I want to say thank you for all the positive responses and patience while we fix any pesky issues along the way. It means the absolute world to us. Updates - Fixed some spelling/grammatical errors. - Fixed ... 19.05.16 23:40
Community Announcements Linux Users (Updated : Fixed!) EDIT #1 : Anyone that is having this issue - To force opengl, add to steam launch options "-force-opengl Hey everyone! So we have had a few Linux users have some graphical/launch issues. Our engine supports 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04 or new... 18.05.16 04:57