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Community Announcements Spring Sale Hi everyone, Spring Sale are now live on Steam - get up to 75% off on the Focus Home Interactive publisher page on a selection of top selling games in the coming days! Make sure to wishlist your favorite titles there not to miss any promotion! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35071917/8294763d97039f68f4c24d63a909... 24.03.20 15:38
Community Announcements Patch 6 is now live! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35094678/bcdfb51418786aa6387dfd5e0dafedef9e8800ad.jpg Greetings, Warriors, We just rolled out a patch that fixes several recurring issues. Please find the patch notes below. Patch notes Fixed an issue where Eli could suddenly die during the fight at the University without even bei... 25.02.20 18:36
Community Announcements Devblog #7 - Soundtrack The Surge 2 Premium Edition, including the base game and all DLCs, is now available! Play the hardcore Action-RPG featuring brutal exoskeleton combat on a dying earth on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC now! Today we are happy to have BowsToHymns - Helge Borgarts and T... 22.01.20 18:00
Community Announcements The Surge 2 Premium Edition out now! Greetings, The Surge 2 Premium Edition, including the base game and all DLCs, is available today! Watch the launch trailer for the Premium Edition to get a glimpse of the retro-themed suburban environments and deadly new enemies you’ll soon be engaging in brutal comba... 16.01.20 12:01
Community Announcements The Kraken expansion now live for Season Pass Owners! Hello everyone, The Kraken expansion is now live on Steam for Season Pass Owners! Fight your way through a retro-themed suburban environment battling pirates and security systems aboard the desolate military vessel, VBS Krakow! /!\ Spoi... 14.01.20 11:05
The Surge 2


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