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PC Gamer The Witcher 3 outgrossed some of 2017's biggest games because it's just that good 2017 was a hard year for some high-profile singleplayer games, and there was more than a little hand-wringing that the genre as we know it might be dying, replaced by 'games as a service.' We argued that in fact they're not dying, just changing , but it's easy to look at Steam&a... 09.01.18 00:52
PC Gamer The best two Witcher 3 mods overhaul the game in radically different ways "Some people mod because they like to give others joy with their creation. Others because they just fuckin' feel like it. I'm the latter." I'm chatting over Discord with Reaperrz, a Romanian college student and creator of the Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition, an overhaul mod that ... 21.12.17 22:40
PC Gamer Grab some tissues for The Witcher's 10th anniversary video Oh man, I’m definitely not ready to say goodbye to Geralt and company. To celebrate The Witcher’s tenth anniversary, CD Projekt Red have put together a sweet video full of old friends and I’m not going to pretend it hasn’t made me a wee bit teary.  In October, Geralt... 04.09.17 15:24
PC Gamer The best Witcher 3 characters There might be too many good characters in The Witcher 3. When we decided to write about our favorites, we compiled a list that ballooned to more than 40 allies and villains and minor NPCs. We love them all, but there can only be so many characters worthy of being ranked among the best. After assemb... 29.04.17 18:22
PC Gamer The Witcher 3's animators created 7,000 new animations in one year for the DLC I haven't played The Witcher 3 since mid-2016, but I still think about it at least once a week. Some sidequest or character or bit of storytelling comes to mind, or I play another game, and I think, yeah, that was pretty cool, but it was no Witcher 3. That's mostly thanks to CD Projekt&a... 28.02.17 22:56

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