Train Valley 2


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Community Announcements Let's Play Together - Twin Mountains Hello friends! Every Friday 17:30 GMT starts “Let’s play together” challenge. We pick up a level and during 24 hours everyone is trying to get the best time on it. You just need to register once on our Discord server and keep Discord running while playing the level of the week, and your results will... 1 Tag 19:30
Community Announcements Passenger Flow Contest {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/28520888/72cfba30c89cd9cd8a379e907eb132da3687d91a.png Hello Friends! We are glad to announce a new level design contest dedicated to Passenger Flow mechanics. Rules are simple: - Make a level using colored stations in the level editor. - Upload it to the workshop until the end of ... 10.10.19 23:22
Community Announcements Update 25 - hotfix Hello friends. Here is the hotfix for the recent update. What is fixed: - DLC bug with colored stations appeared under the water without the entrance track. - Now green border on colored stations showing the state then the station is occupied with leaving/coming train. - Hotkey for additional train ... 07.10.19 19:21
Community Announcements Level of the Month - September 2019 {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/28520888/e90593bd216e028090541ea0169aae041334c883.png Hello everyone! September flew by almost unnoticed and we are summarizing the month again. There were a lot of good maps, but someone must be the best. And here he is! 06.10.19 16:20
Community Announcements Update #25 - Passenger Flow {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/28520888/8da0e51274a29717b45ebc02a0f18912a91f419f.png Hello friends! Here comes a huge update for the main game and some fixes for DLC. Features added: - DLC support. - Both DLC and main game campaign levels now have icons for landscape change events (volcano, earthquake, etc.) - ... 04.10.19 19:29