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ETL Bergen
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
This map, now updated by Kemon, is an overhaul of the original "Bergen" map, created by Detoeni and the "Wolf Project". As part of the "ET: Legacy" asset creation effort certain maps are being overhauled. Those maps have been selected for their stable gameplay, even in a competitive environment.
26.04.19 22:14
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - ETL Bergen
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
December 1944: The noose tightens around the Reich's neck as Allied forces threaten to cross the Siegfried Line and advance into Germany. In a strategy meeting in an Eifel castle, German high command has worked out plans on how to repel the invaders. Allied intelligence wants these plans destroyed before they can be distributed to the front line.
26.04.19 21:39
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - Dingenskirchen
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Local resistance reported a branch of Deathshead’s X-Labs in a small remote village. Stiglitz, an OSA agent, has been sent to infiltrate the facility and gather intel of Deathshead’s activities. Communication went dead some days ago and Stiglitz is suspected to have been spotted and is soon to be executed. The Allies are trying to make their way through the village, free Stiglitz and escort him back to safety, so he can be debriefed at the OSA headquarters.
26.04.19 18:49
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - Stiglitz
The Battle of Monte Cassino
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Set in a fortress above the small town of Cassino in Italy, the Allies and Axis are set on a collision course, it's a fight to the death. The mighty Fortress Monte Cassino on the Axis Gustav Line has repeatedly stopped the Allies from making their way to Rome.
29.03.19 22:51
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - The Battle of Monte Cassino
Flying Saucers
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
This is an excellent new version of the classic "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" singleplayer mission create by Depro777, entitled, "RtCW Flying Saucers".
06.07.18 00:08
Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Flying Saucers
Velvet Assassin
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