Heart of Darkness
Name: Heart of Darkness
Spiel: Warm Gun
GameTyp: Standard Map
Autor: Emotional Robots Inc.
Website: http://www.warmgungame.com/
Download: soon


Deep underground in an old copper mine the machinery can still be heard. Abandoned decades ago, the mine was forgotten until an unfortunate Miner fell into the old shafts. His leg mutilated, he fashioned a robotic prosthetic, and began rebuilding the mines.

Heart of Darkness' main feature is "The Flood", where players trigger a natural flood of the lower main chamber. When the chamber floods the water becomes electrified. This dramatically alters the flow and pace, causing intense close quarter combat.

Other features include: falling stalactites, a spike trap, and explosive barrels.

Game Types: DM/TDM/SP
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