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Rock, Paper, Shotgun What Cinemaware Understood About Cinema And Games Cinematic! What a loaded word it’s become. Once the game industry’s marketing buzzword du jour, the descriptor certainly earned its current status as a groanworthy sign that a developer would much rather be doing something else. With such a disclaimer then, it’s safe to specify why... 29.02.16 18:02
Community Announcements Wings! Remastered Edition - Update Available! An update addressing some reported issues with the game has just been released. Here are the major changes: - Added support for older joystick control assignments and throttle axis - Adjusted font size of first newspaper headline (English language version) - Improved plane AI in dogfight modes - Fix... 14.11.14 12:51
Community Announcements Wings! Remastered Edition™ Out Today On PC Via Digital Return to the pilot seat of an Allied fighter and bring the past glories of the Amiga into the present day, as Cinemaware’s Wings! Remastered Edition is out today for PC via digital download. Reimagined in rich HD with the original soundtrack re-recorded in full instrumentation, Wings! Remastered Ed... 17.10.14 18:30
Product Release Now Available on Steam - Wings! Remastered Edition, 15% off! Wings! Remastered Edition is Now Available on Steam and is 15% off!* Wings!(tm), the classic flight-combat action game from the Amiga generation is back! With "Wings! Remastered Edition“ Cinemaware brings you back to an experience full of blasting action, drama and emotions. *Offer ends Oc... 17.10.14 18:00
Community Announcements Take to The Skies! Wings! Remastered Edition™ Announced for 2014 Release Experience the rush and glory of a WW1 Allied fighter pilot, as Cinemaware’s Amiga classic returns as Wings! Remastered Edition. Published by Kalypso Media, Wings! Remastered Edition takes the original gameplay of the flight combat hit Wings! and recreates it faithfully in stunning HD and with a com... 07.10.14 16:15