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Community Announcements Fools' Day Upddate ... just a coincidence, not a joke :)) After a few weeks working on some improvements that you have requested us, we finally have uploaded a new version with : - Now you can change the FOV and play Zombeer as you prefer. - Smooth option for the mouse - Change resolution issue fixed - Bug fixed: Special commands in QTE for gamepad - Some ... 01.04.15 23:33
Community Announcements Zombeer Update Ready !! Hi Brainz ! we have uploaded a NEW BUILD with b]unlimited framerate. Download it if you to enjoy this improvement ;) Now we're working in the FOV (field of view) option ... it is a lot of work because we must change the FOV in several situations: walk, run, ironside, drunk (hehe), cinematics ... but... 04.02.15 21:05
Community Announcements Launch Version Defaults to Spanish [A Fix] Changing the Language We've noticed for some people the launch version defaults to Spanish. We're going to address this in the next build but in the meantime here's how you can switch to the language of your choice: From the main menu click the 3rd option down: 'Opciones' On the next page the 6th op... 30.01.15 19:24
Community Announcements Zombeer Launching Fri Woo HOO! Very happy to announce that Zombeer was approved for release! We're launching Zombeer @ 9am PST Friday January 30th. Keg 'Em UP! In the meantime we're going to load up our brand new community hub with juicy screen shots and videos from the Greenlight work. Post your crazy Zombeer goodness t... 29.01.15 06:18
Community Announcements Zombeer Coming Soon to Steam We're in submission with Zombeer! We'll post here once we're through in the meantime we're going load up these pages with juicy Zombeer goodness. About Zombeer From the delicious brains of Moonbite Games and U&I Entertainment comes an enhanced and updated version of Zombeer, a first-person shooter t... 28.01.15 18:26