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Community Announcements Apollo event ends, small patch drops Hey there AFF Community! We are back with a small update, as well as bringing our Apollo event to an end. We’re happy to say that as a community we managed to launch the Saturn V 325 times! We saw you all having fun with the event and you guys and girls can definitely expect more events like that in... 05.08.19 14:19
Community Announcements Apollo duct tape Hey there AFF Community! We’ve just released a small patch to address a few issues you guys and girls mentioned during the Apollo anniversary event. Huge thanks to everyone who participated thus far, hope you’re all having a great time! The in-game event will be online at least a few days more, rega... 22.07.19 02:44
Community Announcements Update 24 - Apollo 11 Anniversary Hey there AFF Community! This time we have something special for you. As usual the update comes with significant changes and improvements but we’re also running an awesome event in the game to coincide with Steam’s Space Exploration Sale! Apollo 11 Moon landing anniversary event It’s the 50th annive... 19.07.19 02:13
Community Announcements Update 23 is live! Hey there AFF Community! Once more we’re back with a big update. Lots of changes shaking the balance of the game up but that’s not all. It’s no secret that AFF has been in development for quite a while and one of the most common complaints we get is that one has to lead the shots to hit anything onl... 26.06.19 10:00
Community Announcements Update 22 hotfix #3 Hey there AFF Community! Turns out one more intermediate patch is very much in order. With the previous update for the first time in AFF history we’ve introduced a major crash to the game. Not a terrible statistic perhaps but we’re truly sorry nonetheless, was a nasty memory-management/packaging bug... 27.04.19 12:35