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Eurogamer You can build your own botanical garden in Anno 1800's latest DLC expansion Ubisoft's acclaimed Industrial-Revolution-era city-builder Anno 1800 is rolling up its greensleeves and getting ready to turn over a new leaf, thanks to its horticulturally themed second paid DLC, Botanica, which arrives today on PC. Botanica, as its name heavily suggest, adds a new cultural buildin... 10.09.19 23:13
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Anno 1800 has a demo, but only for one week Ubisoft have launched a week-long demo for Anno 1800, the latest in their city ‘n’ empire-building game. You’ve got until Monday to play a Victorian coloniser, wearing silly hats and ruthlessly exploiting resources and people for capital gain. And in the game. It is weird for a d... 20.08.19 13:39
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Anno 1800's Sunken Treasure DLC introduces a familiar fella, Old Nate “Rumors spread among your crew about a hermit living on an isle of wonders, a shabby-looking scavenger and inventor who prefers the company of his own automatons,” Ubisoft say to introduce the new Anno 1800 mini-expansion. “But don’t let the cock-and-bull stories of your cr... 30.07.19 16:26
Eurogamer City builder Anno 1800's sizeable Sunken Treasure DLC expansion out this month Acclaimed Industrial Revolution city builder, Anno 1800, gets its first paid DLC expansion this month in the form of Sunken Treasure, and developer Blue Byte has detailed the new activities, including shipwreck hunting and crafting, it will bring when it arrives on 30th July. Sunken Treasure, which ... 19.07.19 23:55
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Wot I Think: Anno 1800 Developer: Blue Byte Publisher: Ubisoft Release: Out now On: Windows From: Epic For: 50 After playing through Anno 1800 s early game a few times (I m one of those ghastly bastards who tends to compulsively restart if things aren t going exactly my way), I started writing a very different article t... 17.04.19 13:00
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Release26.02.2019 GenreWirtschafts-Simulat Entwickler Blue Byte Publisher Ubisoft Enginekeine Infos Franchise Anno


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