Breach & Clear: Deadline

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Community Announcements End of Summer Benefit Sale Now Available! Hey there again you lovely people! The next few days are going to be really special for us, as we’ve teamed-up with the amazing folks from One Gamer Fund and have put our enti... 21.09.17 20:40
Community Announcements Breach Clear: Deadline Receives Massive New Update Hey there guys, We know that it's been awhile, but we've been closely listening to all of your feedback and have been hard at work implementing your requested changes/improvements. We've combined all of the changes that we've made over the last months into one big update, and we're really happy to b... 17.11.16 18:43
Community Announcements Patch #7: Overworld Shroud/Fog of War Addition and Dungeon Improvements! Back again to kick off the week with a new Deadline Update! Big changes for the overworld areas and some improvements to the Office and Cave Dungeons... Shroud/Fog of War has been brought to the overworld areas, and this definitely increases tension, difficulty and mak... 24.11.15 01:10
Community Announcements Patch #6: Huge Unity 5 Update We're sorry this took longer than planned. Unity 5 had some memory leaks that needed to be resolved before we could get our update out. Unity fixed the issue, and now we can get back to releasing more updates. Check the update log below as there are tons of fixes and... 14.11.15 07:57
Community Announcements PATCH #5: A big change is coming! We're back with our 5th post-launch update! We have some bug fixes and improvements we think everyone will appreciate. You can now use some cars to trigger car alarms that will attract the nearby infested when they are set off, distracting them. Look around Harbor City and the Parks for cars with bl... 22.08.15 20:54