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Rock, Paper, Shotgun What Call Of Cthulhu and The Sinking City could learn from this interactive fiction classic Picture Cthulhu and his tentacled cohorts, dark and dreaming beneath the waves. H.P. Lovecraft s crooked astral vistas – wrought out of cosmic despair, fear of the unknown, and his racism – have saturated games for better and worse. As hypnotic as his nightmare visions are, the same tr... 27.06.19 18:00
Announcement Weekend Deal - Call of Cthulhu , 33% Off Save 33% on Call of Cthulhu® as part of this week's Weekend Deal*! 1924. Private Investigator Pierce is sent to look into the tragic death of the Hawkins family. Plunge into a world of creeping madness and cosmic horror. Cryptic clues, shadowy figures, and pure terror bar your way as you fight t... 21.03.19 18:05
Community Announcements Patch 28/02/19 Greetings! We’d like to extend a huge thanks to those who continue to support Call of Cthulhu and give us feedback since the release. We’ve just rolled out a new patch that includes some new features and bug fixes. Please find the full change log below. https://steamc... 28.02.19 10:43
Community Announcements First Update is now live! Hello Investigators! Today, we’re very happy to release an update for Call of Cthulhu, addressing feedback that we have received since the release of the game on October 30th. This update is now live. Please find the changelog below: Changelog: Added options to modify... 15.11.18 16:19
Community Announcements Watch the maddening Accolade Trailer! In celebration of Call of Cthulhu's launch last week, we invite you to walk further along the path of madness in today’s Accolade Trailer, which highlights the game’s strong recep... 09.11.18 12:05