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Community Announcements Steam Free Weekend for Conan Exiles! Always wanted to try Conan Exiles but did not quite dare to take the jump? Want to invite your friends to play with you? We got you covered! Download Conan Exiles for free this weekend, and check out the savage and awesome world for yourself! Or get your friends on board and face the survival experi... 14.05.20 19:02
Community Announcements PC Hotfix (13.05.2020) Greetings, Exiles! We’re releasing a new hotfix addressing some of the most reported issues after our latest update. In particular, we’re focusing our attention on some server crashing issues that have been reported over the weekend, as well as a few problems with followers where they would die out ... 13.05.20 18:01
Community Announcements PC Hotfix (08.05.2020) Greetings Exiles! We’re releasing a hotfix that aims to address some of the performance issues observed during the deployment of our latest update, particularly the CPU usage spikes. We’re also including a couple of AI fixes for followers. Thanks for your ongoing support. Stay safe! Please remember ... 08.05.20 16:19
Community Announcements Celebrating 2 Years of Conan Exiles Greetings, Exiles! And congratulations on surviving yet another year in the savage and astounding Exiled Lands. While you have matured, acquired new skills and left an everlasting impression on your surroundings, the entire world of Conan Exiles has evolved with you. Today we mark our second anniver... 08.05.20 13:03
Community Announcements Architects of Argos Now Available {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25298994/ed8ce2592baed2ad1b3a462a7a1e2f8455d1173d.jpg Available now on all platforms! Build stunning cities and gleaming temples of shining white marble with the Architects of Argos Pack. Adorn your base with elegant statues and refreshing fountains to make it look more impressive... 07.05.20 19:52
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