Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna

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Community Announcements Engines ready in 5... Dear Astronauts, Today we can finally bring you very exciting news on the new launch co-ordinates for the full-fledged release of Deliver Us The Moon! Deliver Us The Moon releases on the 10th of October 2019! This release includes the following: Additional game content: Tombaugh. Explore new environ... 12.09.19 16:31
Community Announcements Celebrating 50 years since mankind left for the Moon! It’s unimaginable to think about how much bravery it takes to leave our home planet. As young boys, my brother and I dreamed about the stars and the moon. Grandpa Deetman was always fascinated about the universe and used to make his own telescopes. We can still remember looking through one of his la... 16.07.19 15:02
Community Announcements Houston, Do You Copy: QA about our recent announcement Dear Astronauts! Two weeks ago, we announced the great news that we’ve signed up with publisher Wired Productions! We’re now deep in continuing development to bring you the final version of the game, complete with new graphic and localization upgrades and of course the DLC ending to our story! We’ve... 10.07.19 16:20
Community Announcements DARE TO LEAP: INTRODUCING “WIRED PRODUCTIONS” OUR NEW PUBLISHER Dear Astronauts, We are proud and happy to finally bring you up to speed on the giant leap we are taking with Deliver Us The Moon. Our previous message stated it was absolutely pivotal for our studio’s future and survival to find a new publishing partner, to make sure we are aided in reaching our go... 27.06.19 18:56
Community Announcements TOMBAUGH CONCLUDES DUTM: FORTUNA Dear Astronauts, It’s been a while since we disclosed any news, but finally we would like to inform you about the upcoming (free) content hitting Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna very... 15.03.19 20:18