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Wired Productions officially started on the 15th May 2008, and as all good ‘startup’ stories go, operated for zero pay, in the kitchen and front room of one of the founders’ home, until the very first paycheck arrived. Rather than to be used for wages, this cheque was invested immediately into a humble office. That was a pattern and ethos that would be adopted throughout Wired’s journey, and forever more.
Wired started life as the production resource for Nordic Games (THQ Nordic). The role was one of helping to set up and establish Nordic Games as a reputable video-game publisher, but also to create and manage their pipeline of products, including all marketing and PR assets and activities. Within a short timeframe, Nordic Games became a known brand in the industry as an up and coming Publisher.

Wired and Nordic were close family members, looking out for each other’s interests as if they were their own. In 2009 Wired created a game concept called We Sing and pitched it to the Nordic Board. Karaoke on the Nintendo Wii, with 4 players singing at any one time, with a ‘song for everyone’ approach to the tracklist, so that the whole family could have fun together. The pitch was approved, the game was produced and launched, and subsequently went on to be the best selling singing game on the Nintendo Wii.

Fast forward 4 years; 10 versions and 1.5 million copies of We Sing later, the casual and Nintendo Wii market started to falter, Nordic bought a publisher in administration and moved into the hardcore gamer market, and has rebranded to THQ Nordic. We Sing was put on hold and Wired moved into the free market economy and pitched for work. The Voice as a brand came along with a partner, and Wired subsequently made a series of games under The Voice brand. Other branded IPs of music games were also produced.

This moment in the company history was a period of adjustment. The real ambition of The Founders was to be a successful publisher of video games, so the mission was on to make this happen. Wired are also firm believers of having processes set up and structuring things in stages. Let’s Fish and Last Inua were games that began the process of becoming a publisher. Tiny Troopers Joint Ops was the next stage and the move to multiformat releases. Super Dungeon Bros was the next major step up with a multiformat global digital release with distribution of a retailer version via long-term partner THQ Nordic in 2016.

2017 saw the final step of the transition into full publisher mode… Victor Vran Overkill Edition, The Town of Light, Surf World Series, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, Vostoc Inc., and Tiny Troopers Joint Ops XL… direct retail distribution, an online shop, collector’s editions, Nintendo Switch… every territory available, every format possible, every medium allowed!

And with that, Wired became a publisher!

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