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Community Announcements Spring Sale Hi everyone, Spring Sale are now live on Steam - get up to 75% off on the Focus Home Interactive publisher page on a selection of top selling games in the coming days! Make sure to wishlist your favorite titles there not to miss any promotion! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35071917/8294763d97039f68f4c24d63a909... 24.03.20 15:38
Community Announcements Vote for GreedFall! Greetings Renaigse, GreedFall is nominated in the “Outstanding Story-Rich Game” at the Steam Awards 2019. Facing other incredible games such as A Plague Tale: Innocence, Far Cry New Dawn, Gears 5, and Disco Elysium, Teer Fradee needs your support and love! Did you enj... 19.12.19 19:00
Community Announcements Thank you for your love and support! Hello Sea-borns, We’re honored GreedFall stormed into players’ hearts and minds with its release earlier this year, marking itself as an RPG to be remembered. With reviewers praising its “intriguing world” and “inventive” quest design, Spiders Studio have proved their... 27.11.19 12:02
Community Announcements Community update #3: our new patch is live! Renaigse, Teer Fradee is growing in size population thanks to all of our dedicated players and we are delighted that you are all enjoying the adventure. Our lastest patch is now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC! Thank you all for the feedback and different suggestion... 31.10.19 11:00
Community Announcements Community update #2: Patch 1 is now live! Greetings Legates of the Merchant Congregation, We are happy to release our first major patch for GreedFall today! Thank you for the support and love we have received so far! We are really grateful to all the legates who tried out our Beta Patch and sent us their feed... 02.10.19 12:12


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