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Community Announcements 50% This Weekend! Hello everyone, Homebound is available at 50% OFF during this weekend! http://store.steampowered.com/app/497440/HOMEBOUND/ Have a great weekend! //Wiktor Ă–hman, Lead Developer of Homebound 28.04.17 11:06
Community Announcements Homebound - Hotfix Hello! A hotfix for Homebound was recently uploaded, fixing a problem sometimes causing objects not to be released from the players' hands at certain velocities. Another update is in the works and it will hopefully be up the coming days! http://store.steampowered.com/app/497440/ Best regards, Wiktor... 30.03.17 12:37
Community Announcements Homebound - Update Recap Hello everyone! Since the release I've been hard at work improving and optimizing Homebound. I thought it could be helpful to gather all the patch notes in one place. http://store.steampowered.com/app/497440/ Update Increased interactivity in atmosphere re-entry when using Motion Controllers... 20.03.17 11:23
Community Announcements Homebound - Patch Hello everyone! Update was just released and it focuses on the controls and navigation, reduction of motion sickness as well as increased interactivity in the atmosphere re-entry among many other things. Update Increased interactivity in atmosphere re-entry when using Motion Controll... 19.03.17 23:39
Community Announcements Homebound - Patch - It's a BIG one! Hello everyone! I've been hard at work on this latest patch, and it's a BIG one! Huge performance increase, improved tracking, sharper visuals and a whole bunch of bug fixes. Please check out the full changelist below: Update Huge Performance optimization Improved tracking both for camera an... 03.03.17 17:39