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Rock, Paper, Shotgun Mordhau players are playing cricket with shields for balls and I love them You never know what you’re going to see on a Mordhau duel server. People dress as Shreks and gnomes. Others hold up their arms in eternal ‘come at me’ gestures, constantly braying rather than fighting. I once joined a server where everyone wielded lightsabers and force-jumps. It... 03.02.20 15:54
Community Announcements MORDHAU Patch #16 This patch contains various bug fixes, improvements and balance changes, including things such as the ability to jump kick, use kicks with more equipment, adjustments for held shield mode and the ability to bind the console key in options. Please remember to rebind your console key in options, since... 10.01.20 19:04
Rock, Paper, Shotgun I played Toss A Coin To Your Witcher at Mordhau players and they hated me I have no doubt that “Toss A Coin To Your Witcher“, the hit song from the Netflix Witcher series, is destined for greatness. It’s got 11 million views on YouTube. Children are chanting it in the street. The music industry is reeling. Before I came along, though, nobody had grabbed ... 07.01.20 17:45
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Best PC games of 2019 2019 was a great year for PC games – aren’t they all? – but you might not yet know what the very best PC games of 2019 were. Let us help you. (more…) 06.01.20 11:11
Community Announcements Patch #15 Hotfix 1 Patch #15 Hotfix 1 19/12/2019 Fixed burning in duels Grad buffed for defenders slightly Fixed a crash Being kicked in shield held mode no longer stuns but flinches instead Shields can now sprint in held block mode (previously limited to walk) but movement is still slowed down (same as previous held ... 19.12.19 15:19


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