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Community Announcements Lake Constance: Schaffhausen – Kreuzlingen Route | Out Now {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/958135/61ce0a5438f455d18bdcfd51ce951adc028480ce.jpg Explore the stunning “Seelinie” with Rivet Games’ Lake Constance: Schaffhausen – Kreuzlingen route - out now! 20.03.20 15:28
Community Announcements Event Title: InterCity BR Class 89 ‘Badger’ | Out Now The one-of-a-kind prototype electric locomotive that was set to transform the East Coast Main Line, the BR Class 89 is now available to drive in Train Simulator 2020: The BR Class 89 was a prototype electric locomotive that was set to transform the East Coa... 19.03.20 15:25
Community Announcements Great British Railway Journeys - Official Game Out Now {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/958135/0715500be7e0089fc48de5dd02570cb72c991555.jpg Available today on the Steam Store, the official game of Great British Railway Journeys features five routes with over 350 miles to explore. Follow in the footsteps of the father of the train timetable, George Bradshaw. His handb... 06.03.20 16:57
Community Announcements March Madness Sale | Now Live! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/958135/7824197116ce98a627a540f626487377cc033407.jpg Our biggest sale of the year is here! Celebrate March Madness on Steam with crazy discounts of up to 70% on Train Sim World and 90% on Train Simulator until 16th March! Head to the event page: 05.03.20 19:16
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Pop the kettle on for some Great British Railway Journeys this week If there’s a niche games haven’t really filled, it’s lazy Sunday morning telly. Something for when your gran’s round, with a hot cuppa and the gentle patter of a light shower tapping against the windows. This week, Dovetail Games are flicking the channel over to Great Briti... 01.03.20 13:16
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