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Community Announcements Alien Day Sale! Animated Library Art! Xenomorphs! In memory of colony LV-426, Alien: Isolation is on sale for a chest-bursting 95% off! Or facehug SEGAÔÇÖs entire Alien collection with the Alien Bundle, on sale now! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4459135/bedf6d418b4cc386b734891374e69b8d28eb10f5.jpg To celebrate, weÔÇÖve uploaded a little gift to the Alien: Isolati... 26.04.20 19:14
Eurogamer Alien: Isolation finally gets Nintendo Switch release date In just two weeks time we'll all be able to terrify ourselves running away from Xenomorphs on the Switch, as Alien: Isolation gets a December release date on the Nintendo console. As spotted on Nintendo website and in today's new trailer below, the game will be available for the Switch from 5th Dece... 21.11.19 15:25
Eurogamer Terrifying Alien: Isolation mod puts far too many Xenomorphs in one level As if Alien: Isolation isn't scary enough, modder Matt Filer has gone out of his way to make it even more terrifying by importing multiple Xenomorphs into certain levels of the game. Appropriately named Aliens: Isolation, Filer uploaded a video of the mod showing eight xenomorphs pacing around a tig... 20.11.19 11:36
PC Gamer This Alien: Isolation mod fills the space station with xenomorphs Like the original movie, Alien: Isolation does a lot with a single monster that we're only exposed to in brief, terrifying moments before we run off and hide. Apparently some people think that's a walk in the park, though, and now a modder is catering to them by filling Sevastopol with mor... 20.11.19 11:31
Eurogamer I looked and looked but games were bizarrely absent from the Barbican's new AI exhibition I popped into London's Barbican Centre last week to see the new exhibition about artificial intelligence - AI: More than Human, it's called. I considered myself peak target audience, not because I've read a couple of Isaac Asimov stories and not because I've seen Deus Ex: Machina, although that was ... 23.07.19 09:03
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