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Eurogamer I looked and looked but games were bizarrely absent from the Barbican's new AI exhibition I popped into London's Barbican Centre last week to see the new exhibition about artificial intelligence - AI: More than Human, it's called. I considered myself peak target audience, not because I've read a couple of Isaac Asimov stories and not because I've seen Deus Ex: Machina, although that was ... 23.07.19 10:00
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Sit still and quietly listen to Alien: Isolation's soundscapes Andy Kelly, the fella from cheery RPS fanzine PC Gamer who’s behind pleasant ‘look at pretty video game locations’ video series Other Places, has kicked off a new subseries focused on the sounds of virtuaplaces. Which is a splendid idea. Video game sound is easily overlooked beca... 05.04.19 19:24
Eurogamer Alien Isolation's cutscenes are now an official digital series Here's an odd one: Alien: Isolation's cutscenes are now an official digital series. 20th Century fox has taken the cutscnes from Creative Assembly's superb 2014 stealth horror game, added to them and packaged them into a seven episode digital series that kicks off today on IGN. Spliced together are ... 28.02.19 12:03
Eurogamer Alien Isolation joins Batman Arkham on Xbox Game Pass tomorrow Microsoft's catalogue of games available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers grows ever stronger this month with the addition of some genuinely top-drawer titles such as Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, as well as Alien Isolation. Rocksteady's first two Arkham adventures are quite possibly the best s... 20.02.19 16:01
PC Gamer Alien: Blackout is unrelated to Isolation, Fox says more is coming 'very soon' The imminent return of Amanda Ripley to the world of Alien videogames gave us quite a ride, from excited speculation to "Oh, it's a mobile game" when Alien: Blackout was announced. Which is not an inherently bad thing by any means—I love mobile gaming, and there's some gre... 09.01.19 20:24

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