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Community Announcements Conan Unconquered Patch Notes (02/08/2019) Hey all! We have a new patch for you. This is now on live, moved from TestLive. So if you've seen the TestLive notes, you'll notice they are about the same. :) CHANGES TO SCORING SYSTEM We have completely revised how scoring is done for the game. We did this for two reasons: The original scoring sys... 02.08.19 18:45
Community Announcements TestLive Patch (12/07/2019) Hello everyone, a new update has just landed on the test branch! If you haven't accessed the TestLive before, you can find more information in this post, where you may also share your feedback and any issues. CHANGES TO SCORING SYSTEM We have completely revised how scoring is done for the game. We d... 12.07.19 10:32
Community Announcements Conan Unconquered Game Update (Patch Notes for 02/07/2019) Hello everyone, we've just pushed the latest changes from the test branch of Conan Unconquered into the live branch! We really appreciate everyone who has taken the time to test these changes and provide constructive feedback, so don't hesitate to share any further thoughts and suggestions, we're li... 02.07.19 18:13
Community Announcements Steam Summer Sale - Conan Unconquered is 33% off The Steam Summer Sale has started and several Funcom published games are on sale! Conan Unconquered is 33% off the full price for the next week. 02.07.19 10:37
Community Announcements TestLive Patch (28/06/2019) We’re introducing the test branch to Conan Unconquered! This will help with updating the game with new additions or changes and get your input on them before we push it to the live branch. Please visit the thread HERE on how to access TestLive as well as posting feedback or bugs you find. GENERAL FI... 28.06.19 20:38