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Community Announcements 1st Edition Crafting is now permanent https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/clans/7551659/44677ae28d6aa41035b6971f1fc2c9034e522a2c.jpg One thing we talked about a lot as we ramped down Dirty Bomb is how we provide the best, most complete experience we could for players. Adding old content, re-releasing Obsidians, ... 19.02.19 10:47
Community Announcements Follow Splash Damage We're working on a whole bunch of new stuff! We'll share some here, but if you want to see if from the horse's mouth you can follow us in a load of places: Newsletter: https://www.splashdamage.com/newsletter/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/splashdamage/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/splashdamage ... 18.02.19 11:59
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Dirty Bomb s free design document is full of FPS engineering insight Free-to-play team shooter Dirty Bomb never drew the crowds it deserved. Slightly wonky business model aside (now no longer an issue – the game is proper-free now), it was fast, satisfying and skilful stuff. Not surprising, as developers Splash Damage are as veteran as they come – they... 19.01.19 00:33
Eurogamer Dirty Bomb scraps microtransactions as development winds down Hey! You there! That's right, you - there's free stuff coming your way if you play Dirty Bomb after Tuesday 15th January. The catch is active development will be ending along with this. You may recall that in October last year, developer Splash Damage announced it could no longer "financially justif... 09.01.19 12:44
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Dirty Bomb removing microtransactions in final update The final update of Dirty Bomb is almost here, the last before Splash Damage end development, and it’s coming with a surprise: all the monetisation is being removed. Players will be able to get all characters, weapon skins, and rare doodads without spending a real penny. Splash Damage plan t... 08.01.19 14:13