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Community Announcements 50% off for 48 hours Greetings everyone! You may have noticed that The Other 99 is currently 50% off. And that is for a reason we'd like to explain. We've been in Early Access now for about 6 months. We had a rough start but since then we've been updating the game continuously. Having that said: We noticed a lot of traf... 01.03.17 09:11
Community Announcements New Trailer! Journey to the Island Hey everyone, We've been working hard on our next update, along side that we've come up with a new trailer to show your journey to the island. This was just to show a glimpse behind the curtain and the story that underpins the world. 27.02.17 19:07
Community Announcements V0.5.1 Overview! Full Patch notes here: Hello all! We know its not been long since our last patch, but we've managed to squ... 24.02.17 12:10
Community Announcements V0.5 has arrived! Hello All! We have been working very hard on v0.5 implementing new gameplay features, new community feedback and a whole new facial animation system! So without further ado, her... 16.02.17 20:45
Community Announcements Surprise! V0.4 is here! Full patch V0.4 notes available here: Full V0.4 Patch Notes Hello all! V0.4 has landed! In this patch, we have made some significant gameplay changes on top of the usual bug hun... 17.01.17 21:14