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PlayWay is one of the leading producers and publishers of video and mobile games in Poland. The company was founded in 2011, and from that time, it has produced and released over 40 games that were sold or downloaded worldwide in approx. 14 million copies of mobile games and 1 million copies for PC/MAC.
The company is distinguished by a very large number (over 40) of developers teams and a great number of games produced simultaneously, which is increasing the probability of gaining the success in the market. Only in 2016, the company is planning to produce more than 30 games, when in 2015 it reached 15 games. In subsequent years, the company wants to keep the number of at least 20 premieres every year.

PlayWay is selling their products via the account on such platforms as: STEAM, AppStore and GooglePlay. Western Europe and North America count for 80% of sales. USA and Germany are the two biggest markets corresponding for a total of 41% of sales.

PlayWay, as the only developer in Poland, decided to launch a unique campus for cooperating programmer teams. PlayWay Campus in Hornówek will enable the effective cooperation of developers teams offering a comfortable coworking space.

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