Hunt: Showdown


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Steam News

Community Announcements Update 1.1 - Hotfix 1 {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/30897473/71ff8ae6879ab37eb0c3505d571285bc3ebe028a.png Hunters, We would like to apology for the issues the community is encountering. The reported issues did not show during our Test Server phase, due to the fact that most of these issues are linked to higher concurrent users amou... 18.10.19 20:56
Community Announcements Servers going down for a quick hotfix. Hunters, We will directly take down the servers to deploy a hotfix to fix the 0x30005 error users are experiencing. We are still investigating the issue for the mission reward, while this hotfix might fix it, we are not yet certain and will look for a fix as soon as we can. - the Hunt Team 18.10.19 17:14
Community Announcements Update 1.1 {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/30897473/fc4cc4c12589bc8cac55a7a457bc7c66a11190c2.jpg Hunters, Update 1.1 is now live with new equipment, new Legendaries, UI and quality of life Improvements, and much-much more! We have added 5000 in-game currency for players that did not receive the account linking reward after... 17.10.19 14:00
Community Announcements Live Server Maintenance - 17.10.2019 11:00 AM CEST {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/30897473/81405592b2deb2f640298eb1e27277fc51000243.png Hunters, The PC Live servers will go offline for maintenance at 11:00 AM CEST to deploy Update 1.1! Please make sure to extract before then to save your Hunter. ~The Hunt Team 17.10.19 09:58
Community Announcements The Servers are back online! (UPDATED) The Servers are now back online! Happy Hunting! ---------------------------------------------------- Hunters, The Servers are going offline for maintenance at 11:00 AM CEST! Make sure to extract before then to avoid losing your Hunter! ~The Hunt Team 11.10.19 09:46