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Community Announcements DEVBLOG 19 is here! Hi Mechanics! It’s been another great month at the Scrap Mechanic HQ. Our team has been working hard! We have plenty of awesomeness to show you! Before we get on the road and take you to some of the cool new stuff we’ve lined up today, we have a small update on Surviv... 27.09.19 20:47
Community Announcements Devblog 18 is here! Hi Mechanics! It’s that time again! when we take you on a trip down development lane to show you some of the new exciting things that we’ve been working on at the Scrap Mechanic HQ. All our time is dedicated to survival mode at the moment with a lot of new things gett... 14.06.19 18:55
Announcement Daily Deal - Scrap Mechanic, 40% Off Today's Deal: Save 40% on Scrap Mechanic!* Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are! *Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time 06.04.19 19:10
Community Announcements Devblog 17 is here! Greetings Mechanics! Set your thrusters to max, because there's a fully-armed and operational devblog coming your way! First, we'd like to acknowledge the amazing content coming from the Challenge Builder community. Some of the concoctions you've come up with have tru... 18.03.19 20:24
Community Announcements Challenge Builder Update 0.3.5 is here! Hi Mechanics! It's been a real joy for us to hear about your experiences with the new Challange Mode. We had no idea there was such an impressive amount of skilled mechanics out there that just burned through all 40 challenges in no time! Thankfully, those 40 were jus... 21.02.19 21:33