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Assemble Entertainment
Founded by Kalypso Media Group co-founder and GAME Bundesverband chairman Stefan Marcinek, the company is starting out with a small team based in Wiesbaden, Germany.
The A-Team includes producer Philipp Keydel, product manager Timothy Thee, trainee Joel Griebel and managing director and company owner Stefan Marcinek. Keydel and Thee are no strangers to Marcinek, having already worked with him at Kalypso's Noumena/Skilltree studio and at Kalypso Media, respectively.

"We're currently talking with several teams about development of the first few games to be released by the end of next year." said Assemble CEO Stefan Marcinek, adding," Naturally, our goal is - you guessed it - world domination. I mean, come on, we've already got the prize for best press photo in the bag!".

Assemble is based in Georg-August-Zinn-Strasse 2 in Wiesbaden in Germany. In order to foster the next generation, the publisher is providing an office for a four-member student team from Mainz free of charge. The developers not only have free long-term use of the office space itself, but also access to all the amenities of a modern office building including the newly founded publishing team's know-it-all competence.

"We are incredibly pleased to be able to support the team by providing the infrastructure needed for their final assignment. Besides, we need someone there to accept all the packages when we're out cruising the area, anyway" said Marcinek, Keydel, Thee or Griebel...


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