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PC Gamer Great moments in PC gaming: Fighting mecha Hitler in Wolfenstein 3D Great moments in PC gaming are bite-sized celebrations of some of our favorite gaming memories.   There were a lot of shareware games that didn't get played beyond the first, free episode in my neck of the woods. One that absolutely did was Wolfenstein 3D because word got out that at the e... 20.05.19 03:41
PC Gamer Wolfenstein 3D mod The Golden Parrot swaps Nazis for pirates Here's a pirate-themed total conversion for Wolfenstein 3D, a sentence that feels particularly wonderful to type. Creator fraggeur's mod The Golden Parrot has just hit version 1.0, and it changes up the base game to a surprising degree. You'll notice that the very grey corridors of th... 16.04.19 17:27
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Wolfenstein 3D spawns three strange new games this week It has been a bizarrely busy week for Wolfenstein 3D mods. In the past six days, there’s been three impressive total conversions released for the great grandaddy of the modern FPS, two of which are entirely standalone. We’ve got pirates in The Golden Parrot, we’ve got vampires in P... 12.04.19 23:31
PC Gamer This Wolfenstein 3D mod brings the SNES port to PC Believe it or not, Wolfenstein 3D released for the Super Nintendo, but it did so with some pretty significant changes. First of all it was censored: there's no blood, all visual references to Nazism were removed, and Adolf Hitler is known as the Staatmeister. Enemies have fewer sprites, which m... 01.01.19 23:43
PC Gamer Someone has ported Wolfenstein 3D for the Pico-8 fantasy console Porting old id Software shooters onto ridiculous devices is hardly a new phenomenon, but it's never not amusing. This time, someone has ported Wolfenstein 3D onto the Pico-8 fantasy console, and while it's just the first level, it's a pretty neat achievement when you consider the Pico... 25.10.18 02:40