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Community Announcements Major Update - Lots of optimization and bug fixing Improvements/Additions: We've added the save versioning system. Now you will be informed when save may not be compatible with the latest changes. We have added a popup that forces confirmation of the will to delete storage filled with items. Optimization: Optimization of audio content has significan... 17.02.20 18:07
Community Announcements Weekly Report #8 Hello! First of all, happy Valentine’s Day! Since love is an important subject in our game, we simply could not resist this ;) We hope that by the next Valentine’s Day Igor will solve the mystery about his beloved Tatyana. And so will you. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34474429/7238a2607b22578b0d58abd00788f99c... 14.02.20 16:13
Community Announcements Chernobylite Rev 24116 Hotfix - Quest bugs, storage and localization update AI: We have optimized enemies behavior in combat, the fight should no longer cause large FPS drops Enemies should now correctly notice player when he takedown their colleagues Oliver and Anton should no longer stuck in a power plant Shadows should now properly lose aggro when the player runs away fr... 11.02.20 16:44
Community Announcements Rev 24026 Hotfix - Saving and Rifle issue General: The rifle modification system should now work, even on an older save Error with save during "Hermit" quest should no longer occur 07.02.20 17:30
Community Announcements Rev 24000 - Rifle mods, new quests and storage hotfix AI: We've changed the way soldiers use covers. This should give a huge increase in GPU performance during combat, but opponents can sometimes behave strangely. We will continue working on it. General: All players should already be able to build an assault rifle modification station without problems ... 06.02.20 19:48


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