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Community Announcements Patch 11 - Live Now! Hi everyone! While we’re busy at work on Update 7 we wanted to get a release out to fix the persistent crashes and other issues present in Update 6 as soon as we can. Whilst Patch 11’s primary purpose is to address the crashes introduced by Update 6 it also targets as much low hanging fruit as possi... 1 Tag 12:35
Community Announcements Developer Briefing #77 - Patch 11, New Uniforms More New Foy Details! Hey everyone, Welcome to Developer Briefing #77! This week we're happy to be sharing with you the date for Patch 11, talking about what's next for your Uniform suggestions as well as revealing a new Uniform that's coming soon. We'll also be showing off a bit more of the revamped Foy that you'll be g... 22.05.20 18:44
Community Announcements Developer Briefing #76 - Community Cosmetic Suggestions Patch 11 Info! Hey everyone, Welcome to Developer Briefing 76! This week we're sharing with you some news on: an upcoming patch, fixing server crashes, how Update 7's development is going and how we want YOUR suggestions for what customisation items you'd like to see in-game. Let's get stuck in shall we. Patch 11 ... 15.05.20 20:04
Community Announcements Developer Briefing #75 - Update 6 Community Feedback What's Next! Dev Briefing Hey all, Welcome to Developer Briefing 75! This week Lead Developer Max is back to give you a heads up on what the team have been doing since Update 6 - Assault on Hill 400 launched on April 30th. As we’ve always said, your feedback matters and is important to us, so lets hand over to M... 07.05.20 17:40
Community Announcements Update 6 - Assault on Hill 400 - Live Now! Hey everyone! Welcome to Update 6! We're incredibly excited to be bringing you a large amount of new content in today's update! From a new map and recon vehicles to the ballistics overhaul and engine upgrade there's a LOT for you to get stuck into. We'd also like to say thank you all so much for you... 30.04.20 20:03
Hell Let Loose


Release06.06.2019 GenreEgo-Shooter Entwickler Black Matter Pty Ltd Publisher Team 17 Engine Unreal Engine 4


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